Gebr. Scheele  ~ 1st National Chateauroux Sector 1 against 16,847 pigeons

*Terneuzen, the Netherlands – Every time I visit these fanciers (and by now I have visited them many times) in honour of a major victory, I am impressed by the disarmingly common sense that Jaap and Adriaan show at a triumph like this. There is no boasting about achievements here, but a realistic analysis of the race and the performance of their pigeons in that race. The fact that they are confident enough to put things in perspective commands respect and indicates how they stand in the sport. The perspective in this race from Chateauroux is that it is flown in Sectors, and that it even may be called ‘National’. With such differences in distance and width, it is of course obvious that the wind has an influence. In any case, Jaap for one enjoys such a ‘National’ race in the program. And the principle of taking the chance when it presents itself, as I often write, applies here more than ever. And because the release was with an east-north easterly wind, the fanciers from Zeeland certainly had the best chances. And it confirms again the professionalism of these fanciers, to take this chance and get a double victory in the Region and 1st, 3rd  and 8 in Sector 1 against 16,847 pigeons.

Jaap and Adriaan Scheele started the 2013 season with a team of 44 pairs of racing pigeons. Of these, 20 couples were raced on double widowhood and of the other pairs, only the cock is raced on classic widowhood.

These racers are coupled at the beginning of January, they all rear a couple of young and some couples raise the young from the breeding pigeons. When the youngsters are about 16 days old, one young goes with the hen to the loft for young pigeons. The cock rears the other young alone. When the young are weaned (at the beginning of March), the hens are put into the aviaries. From then on, the hens are not released anymore. One week before the first race, they are usually coupled for another four to five days, after which the pigeons are taken out for training once or twice. But that didn’t happen in 2013 because of the adverse weather. So, the hens are put into their racing compartment (loose on ‘perches’) just one week before the first race.

The cocks stay in their own loft after breeding, and are sometimes still darkened for a few days before the start of the season.

At the beginning of the season, and especially this year, the pigeons exercise once a day, usually in the afternoon at the warmest time of the day. When the weather is good, they sometimes exercise in the morning as well. Late in the season, they exercise twice a day.

Feeding is a feast for Jaap and Adriaan and their pigeons. Jaap likes to feed them all in their box, while he plays with them and treats them on some extra peanuts or such. That happens twice a day after training, the pigeons get plenty of feed so that it’s only just finished when it is time for the next feed. Moreover, Jaap often gives them a bit extra by going back another time after the feed, he once more plays with them and gives them something extra (treats). Especially towards the end of the week, the pigeons also get feed on the floor of a shared compartment, so that they can eat some more.

The main ingredient of the feed is the racing mixtures of Beyers and Mariman. Jaap names the main by-products/supplements: Tovo, Nutripower and Prange Suppe.

Medical care is done with the motto of ‘be alert’, only treat when necessary (partly by own experiences, partly by consulting a vet), and no blind treatments. The only exception is the yearly treatment in November against paratyphoid (there is no inoculation).

The winning pigeon is the ‘Hero’ (NL11-3056911), a blue cock born out of the very best bloodlines of the colony (see the pedigree). His father was also a super on the races and flew for instance 1st from Orleans against 5,000 pigeons and 11th from Blois against 5,223 birds in the Sector Zeeland. The ‘Hero’ may now pass on his qualities in the breeding loft. First mission accomplished, I would say.

His mother is a direct from Marijke Vink and she has already produced a series of very good pigeons, for example the ‘Super 11’, 1st Ace Pigeon Middle-distance in the Sector Zeeland in 2011.

With 1170.257 m/min, the ‘Hero’ realized the second highest speed on the National race, and he may therefore put ‘2nd prize National’ on his track record. Previously, he won among others Pithiviers 6340-3 (1131-1), NPO La Souterraine 3077-36, NPO Argenton 3372-37, NPO Orleans 4308-23 and further.

The 2nd pigeon is the NL11-3056856, which is another one out of the stock couple ‘Superboy’ x ‘Dochter 666 Melis’.

Following the fantastic series top prizes in the previous Middle-distance and Long-distance races, also on this race they finish with a good total result. At the Regional level these are: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 16th, 21st, 31st, 35th, 39th, 74th, 84th, 133rd, 142nd against 2,628 pigeons. With 23 prizes from 36 entered pigeons, this is a very good result.

You still have to do it again every time, but Jaap and Adriaan have excellent pigeons in their lofts and they have the skill.


Marcel Buijsse