I had a message from Geoffrey Douglas about his good young bird 2012…Geoffrey has not enjoyed the best of health this last year so is due a ‘pick me up’…


Last race of the year from I.N.F.C.Skibbereen Y.B.National,296 members sent 2601 birds,234 miles.1st club 21st north section winning £191 …1st Grosvnor H.P.S.breeder/buyer winning£2,000(£1,000 breeder/£1,000 buyer,I bought my bird back) ,1st Banbridge H.P.S Golden ring  scheme winning £525, yes this bird won  £2,700 in one race.Now for  the breeding, sire 04J76529 son of the  ” Young Couple” X dam 03C53776 daugther of Pantani x Gerrie. This pair bred big money winners before. 

Had them seperated the last couple of years as I crossed them into my Golden Pair and if you remember 76529 was the g/sire of my N.I.P.A. National winner “Foxy Jack”.

Many thanks again

The dam of his winner is also a sister to Geoffreys Glenavy Gold Ring winner in 2004.

Regarding the ‘Pantani’ cock, he was also a real good one.

In the Autumn of 2001, Peter and Gea Veenstra moved to their new house and sold the majority of their birds.  Mike Ganus and I visited him and purchased a few birds with ‘Terminator’ a 1st National Ace Long Distance winner..’Phoenix’ (Later renamed Patriot’) a 1st National Middle Distance winner…’Celeste’ a 1st National Ace Young Bird winner and a number of raced youngsters  leaving with us.

‘Pantani’ was one of them.He had won 1st club Boxtel a few weeks earlier against over 400 bird.The sire of Pantani went on to become a first class breeder and was named ‘Mr.Surhuizem’ with one of his best sons being ‘Mr.Blue’ that later became world renowned.

Those original birds from Peter and Gea were really top class and produced generations of top winners, including the latest good young bird of Geoffrey’s.

The winner of 1st Glenavy Gold Ring Race 2004 for Geoffrey Douglas. Dam is a daughter of ‘Pantani’ x ‘Gerrie’..