Last Saturday the Brabant 2000 NPO National race from La Souterraine was held. This is a very competitive race and is eagerly awaited as it is one of the classic one day long distance events from 600 km plus.

This year the entry was 5,584 birds and the winner was a yearling hen NL12-2327006 flown by Gert van den Bogaard of Rijnen. This hen was a gift from Gert’s club mate and good friend of ours  Cees Holster and is a full sister to his ‘Midfond Kampioen 964’.

Cees bred the dam of this winner from GB08L24705 that he bought in our Blackpool Auction in January 2009 conducted by Northern Premier Auctions. She is bred from ‘Dali’  bred by Marijke Vink from Tips x Geschelpte Kannibaaltje therefore a full brother to Drum, Dutch Master etc. ‘Dali’ was coupled to our excellent breeding hen ‘Joy’ bred by Dirk Van Dyke direct from Kannibaal x Alida 5000.

Congratulations to all involved…