Our second race in the Algarve , Portugal today was the Race 3 in the Golden Algarve Race from 229 km against 4,685 birds.

Once again we are super pleased with the results today now having won 1st UK twice in the three races so far.

Biggest congratulations must go to the ‘Our Wee Country’ syndicate from Ireland winning 1st overall and a the car. A really super perfromance indeed.

Our first bird was ‘Lady Lawman’ a beautiful small round bodied hen being the first youngster we have raced from ‘The Lawman’ a recent purchase of ours. So no complaints so far.

The ‘Lawman’ was bred by Willem de Bruijn from his newest star ‘Murphy’s Law’ a quite brilliant racer and devloping into a world breeder. ‘Murphy’s Law’ is still a young cock and I am certain he will become a basic bloodline for many lofts around the world as his winning genes are spread around.

Dam of ‘The Lawman’ is ‘Phoebe’ and this is a hen that is worth writing a little about. She is not very well known as Willem de Bruijn has decided to retain everything else he breeds from her for his own future.  She raced for two years winning  2nd Dutch National Asduif Young Bird WHZB/TBOTB 2016 *3rd Duffel 4.737 b *4th Peronne 3.560 b *10th Quievrain 4.237 b *17th Peronne 3.141 b *35th Pt.St. Max.2.672 b  However as a breeder she has become a phenomenan in just three seasons. She is the mother of: 19-585 Miss Blois *1st National Blois Sect.2, 11,576 b… 18-007 *1st Melun 1,210 b *2nd National Melun Sect 2, 8,893 b…*2nd Quievrain 3,761 b ….18-088 *2nd National NPO Blois 15,362 b…19-584 *3rd Peronne 8,044 b *3rd Overall 26,239 b *4th Pt St Max 15,064 b… 19-626 *6th Pt St Max 15,064 b*4th Dutch National Asduif Young Bird WHZB 2019 *5th National Ace Young Bird Midfond
NPO 2019.  Direct dam of 1 x 1st and 2 x 2nd NPO National winners against thousands in such a short time is quite staggering.

Dam of ‘Lady Lawman’ is ‘Annika’ a yearling hen selected from Luc and Hilde Sioen and I can only thank them for their generosity .  They promised me a special hen and they selected ‘Annika’. This was just months before their clearance sale that made millions! and ‘Annika’ would have been one of the star attractions as she is magnificent in every way.  They are top fanciers and top people with world class pigeons.

Pedigree of ‘Lady Lawman’ 1st UK, 15th Overall Golden Algarve Race 3 against 4,685 entries.


‘The Lawman’ sire of ‘Lady Lawman’ 1st UK, 15th Overall Golden Algarve Race 3 against 4,685 entries.

‘Annika’ was bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from Spidey one of the very best National breeding cocks of Belgium for over a decade…He was bred by Willem de Bruijn from the same bloodline as ‘Murphy’s Law’…They also share the same grandam.

Dam of ‘Annika’ is ‘Leonne’ a champion racing hen by any standards. She won amongst others *1st Provincal Clermont 6.144 b *8th (zonal)Chateauroux 2.630 b *24th National Chateauroux 29.591 b *4th (zonal) Gueret 606 b *16th National Gueret 5.331 b *8th (zonal)Bourges 2.223 b *40th National Bourges 20.284 b *6th (zonal)Argenton 841 b *93rd National Argenton 12.449 b *24th (zonal)Chateauroux 1.663 b *244th National Chateauroux 20.036 b *26th(zonal) Limoges 728 b *289th National Limoges 9.149 b *21st Provincial Clermont12.117 b. She is also Dam of “Leontien”: *1st Clermont 552 b and “Yolanda”:
*1st Pontoise 462 b *12th Provincial 5.309 b.

Children of Spidey…absolute top performing lines.


Our second bird for 5th UK,81st Overall is ‘Pretty Bird’ a hen bred from ‘Tomahawk’ and ‘Rani’ a daughter of Golan x Foxy Lady.

Tomahawk was enetred in Bis in our Blackpool Auction last January and he was offered with his nest mate brother. The buyer chose which one he prefered and we took the remaining bird home. That was Tomahawk and his first youngster  raced is Pretty Bird.

Once again really golden DNA through our Portugal Pair , Young Couple and Foxy Lady.

Our best bird so far in all of the races and very early in the overall averages…provisonally top 100 from an initial entry of over 7,000 birds is Lorelei another grandchild of the Portugal Pair with Hero our top breeding son of Rik Hermans ‘Friendship’ on the other side.

Pretty Bird…5th UK, 81st Overall Algarve Golden Race 3 today against 4,685 birds. 


The Portugal Pair…their offspring are once again performing well in the Algarve this year.