Just had a very nice message from Chris Turner and Debbie Neale reporting their great prospect GOLDEN FLAME winner today of 34th Prize in the Algarve Golden Race Semi Final from Castelo Branco against 3941 birds. This bird also won 81st prize in the Portalegre race from 230km against 4738 birds.  It clearly likes the Algarve terrain.

The breeding of GOLDEN FLAME is very much a case of ‘Horses for Courses’ as the sire is from a son of our inbred Thomas 6 cock that won the Algarve Golden Race final in 2018 and the dam is a daughter of our PORTUGAL PAIR a pair responsible for many lgarve winners including Ian Hunters 1st Monteledo Yearling Derby and our own BLUE AND LONESOME winner of 1st Ace Pigeon in the lgarve Golden Race 2017 winning with over one and a half hour lead aginst the second place winner the famous ‘RAVEN’ the World Class  current super breeder of Ganus Family Loft.

Best of luck to Chris and Debbie for the final.

Golden Flame 34th Castelo Branco Golden Algarve Semi Final 296km against 3941 birds and 81st Portalegre 230km Race against 4738 birds.

Inbred Thomas 6


The Portugal Pair