Guido Loockx  1st Provincial La Souterraine against 1363 yearlings ~ Fastest against 2434 Limburg pigeons

*Tessenderlo, Belgium – This year, 20,773 pigeons started the La Souterraine National, and Limburg was represented with 1,071 old pigeons and 1,363 yearlings.

The weather conditions were very good, but the north easterly wind made it a difficult race for the yearlings in particular.

Winner for the Limburg Province in the yearlings category, and fastest of all Limburg pigeons is Guido Loockx from Tessenderlo. His pigeon, with the ring number 5060685/12, reached a speed of 1127.30 m/m and was the only Limburg pigeon that could maintain its position within the top 50 National against mainly West and East Flemish pigeons… in the final prognosis 18th against 11,237 pigeons.

Because of the poor spring, the family Loockx started very late and very carefully with training, especially with a large number of yearlings that had only flown 2x Momignies and 1x Nanteuil in their birth year. This year, they went on to fly 2x Momignies, 1x Pithiviers, 1x Melun (33rd against 1,373 birds) and after that they started in the national races.

“For me, the ‘685/12’ was not a prominent bird in my loft,” Guido tells us. “He just flew his prize in the race from Montlucon and Gueret, was rested for a week, and flew this week with great success in La Souterraine”.

The father of the provincial winner is the ‘394/05’… ‘Schone Lichte’… son of ‘Prinses’ and brother of mother ‘Kai-Mook’… comes out of the ‘Lichte Panini’ (404/97) x the ‘Prinses’ (953/03) and is a product of inbreeding from super breeder ‘Pantani’.

The mother of the ‘685/12’ is the ‘988/10’, a half sister of the ‘Kai-Mook’… comes out of the ‘352/03’… Father ‘Kai-Mook’, 1st Olympiad pigeon Poznan 2011 middle-distance… out of the ‘Grijze Kannibaal’ x the ‘Jackpot duivin’ from Patricia Verhaegen, who was coupled to the ‘775/03’… Mother ‘Supernanny’… 1st Provincial and 2nd National Zone C Argenton out of sister ‘Pantani’ (835/00)… all out of the best blood lines in the loft of Guido Loockx, and three of the four grandparents out of the ‘Pantani’ line.

In addition to the provincial victory, the yearlings also won 10th, 13th, 23rd and so on provincial and among others 2nd, 11th, 14th and so on provincial against 1,071 old pigeons.

Congratulations Guido… a great achievement… and good luck for the following races.