*This is Hannibal our famous old breeder. Not fertile now but has left a legion of top breeders in our stock loft. Below is his eye shot.

Eye shot of Hannibal…

We bought BELG01:6525629 from the nest as a latebred from Dirk Van Dyck, Zandhoven in the Autumn of 2001. He was bred directly from his legendary Kannibaal when coupled to a full sister of Rambo his own father.

Hannibal was one of many direct children and siblings that we owned from Kannibal and not all were good, however some were World Class including Agent Starling (Hen of our famous Young Couple) …Attila…Poppy…Zabel… Zidane…

As he was getting older thoughts were heading towards how we could keep the winning gene level as good if not better in the future and we coupled him with various hens of new bloodlines that we brought in to give us more scope.

The results of the offspring just keep on winning!!

Just as an example, last season the super fliers Phil Bates and Sons won the very prestigious Chester 2 Bird Yearling Classic from Carentan with a yearling cock bred from the last son of Hannibal (Bred in 2014) when he was coupled to a full sister of Rik Hermans Charlene. The dam was from Propere Rik x Sunday Girl.

Also last season Morris and Pugh from Maerdy, South Wales won 1st Welsh South East National and Combine from Hythe against 6,340 birds with their yearling cock Peters Pied racing in his very first National race. His dam was from Imogen (Daughter Hannibal x Little Star) with Algoar a son of Riks Hermans Jonge Samson x Sister Beautifly. Peter Pieds father was from another one of our Rik Hermans cocks Desperado (Fron son De Leeuwe Wouters x Mother Cow Girl) paired to a daughter of Drum.

Our own great racing hen NL15-1810846 won 1st Club against 420 entries and 21st Combine 4,270 birds in the first race of this season. This hen was also the winner of 4th Ace Pigeon Natour Union de Baronie last season with some very consistent results such as 6th Combine Asse Zellik 3,098 birds, 1st club,4th Combine Quievrain against 3,627 birds also scoring from Criel twice earlier in the season having also won as a youngster. She is bred from a daughter of Hannibal x daughter of Rik Hermans Ranomi.

Last weekend we had reports from Price Brothers and Son winning 1st and 2nd club, 1st and 2nd Heart of England Federation from Blandford against 1,823 birds.His first bird was bred from a son of Chico (Son of Hannibal x Genie) x Daughter Minerva of Rik Hermans (Propere 09 x Minerva) and his second bird was direct from Chico with Sister Charlene a full sister to Rik’s super hen Charlene. (This Sister Charlene also bred the father of Phil and Neil Bates Carentan Chester 2 Bird winner!)
As a matter of interest in this same Heart of England Federation race Dixie Dean Cartmell wins his club by 45 ypm and is 4th Fed against 1,823 birds with one from a son of Witpen Drum x Rik Hermans’s Daughter Charlene (Propere Wittentik x Charlene).

‘Chico’ a son of Hannibal and probably his successor…We can verify over 50 x 1st prize winners from this great cock in the first and second generations when paired to different hens and for many different fanciers…

Also last weekend Leach Brothers of Hebden Bridge reported winning 1st,2nd,4th,5th club and 1st,2nd,4th,5th Pennine Valleys Federation against 1,066 birds with four birds down from their formidable Syndicate Cock. The first two birds for them were bred from a son and a direct child from their new super breeder Achilles (Direct son of the same Chico cock son of Hannibal).

Leach Brothers ‘Achilles’ a son of our great cock ‘Chico’ and now sire and grand sire of 12 x first prize winners for not only themselves but many other fanciers…

Also last weekend Mick Carrick reports winning 1st club 274 birds from Honiton after loosing 3 minutes trapping due to next doors kids trampolining. His winner was bred direct from our good cock Camelot another son of Hannibal and the dam was a daughter of Leekens Hermans Blue Viagra.

Camelot another son of Hannibal and also a real handsome chap…

Also last weekend we raced from Quievrain and our first bird was a yearling hen NL16-3627868 scoring for the first time. She is bred from ‘Amulet’ (Son of Hannibal x Stardust) paired to ‘Sister Sphinx’ another direct Rik Hermans.

I am sure you will agree, not bad for just one weekend and also for our newer bloodlines especially from Rik Hermans that are continuing to and probably improving our existing winning lines. The amazing number of top results he achieves especially with his hens at the very highest level of the Pigeon Sport with a very modest team concentrates the winning genes and it was inevitable they would blend into our own original bloodlines and do very well. They are bred on all lines of their pedigrees from National and Olympiad winning lines and together with our existing proven lines leaves me 100% confident they will continue to hit the UK and Irish top spots.

We can not document all of the prizes won by Hannibal’s immediate offspring but here is a partial breeding record …
Direct father of:-
*4th Rhonfried Futurity 2200 birds
*9th Vanrobaeys Gold Ring 4670 birds
*1st UK 340 birds ~ 6th International Hot Spot 3042 birds SCMDPR
*1st UK Overall Ace Pigeon ~ 2nd International Ace Pigeon SCMDPR 2003
*1st Ace Pigeon Sprint, Union De Baronie against 1700 members
*1st Combine Morlincourt 8095 birds
*14th National NPO Orleans 6.783 birds
*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473b
*25th National NPO Creil 25.056 birds
*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds
*72nd National NPO Creil 11.056 birds
*132nd National NPO Orleans 8.687 birds
*1st Sens 304 birds ~ 31st Combine 4.775 birds
*2nd Pommeroeul 377 birds ~ 4th Combine 6.369 birds
*2nd Orleans 157 birds ~ 3rd Combine 1.737 birds
*2nd Creil 383 birds ~ 3rd Combine 6.441 birds
Grandfather of:-
*1st Welsh South East National Maidstone 4.634 birds
*1st Welsh South East Combine 15.100 birds clear by 20 y.p.m.
*1st Welsh South East National Ramsgate 2.244 birds
*1st Welsh South East Combine 4.696 birds clear by 38 y.p.m.
*1st N.I.P.A. Fermoy 17.260 birds
*1st Combine Wolvertem 4.679 birds
*1st Rivenhall 7.132 birds
*1st Newark 6.148 birds
*1st St Quentin 3.519 birds ~2nd Combine 13.618 birds
*1st Federation Wincanton 1.672 birds
*1st Federation Kelso 9.151 birds
*1st Federation Kingsdown 1.473 birds
*1st Portland 200 birds ~ 3rd Federation 1368birds
*1st Wincanton 170 birds ~ 5th Federation 1237 birds
*2nd Up North Combine Folkestone 17.762 birds beaten for first by 0.002 y.p.m.
*2nd Combine Sezanne 3.030 birds
*3rd Section Messac ~ 8th Open Midlands Continental Classic 155 members sent 1271 birds
*5th Combine St Quentin 6.623 birds
*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds
*1st Wigan 2 bird Championship Club Messac 67 members sent 132 birds.. 11 minutes clear
*1st U.K., 7th International Algarve One Loft Race, Portugal