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Henk and Nicole De Weerd and Eric Berkmoes 1st Sermaises 1133 old birds…

Henk and Nicole De Weerd and Eric Berckmoes are having a very strong season. The latest success is not only winning 1st Sermaises 1133 old birds but also the fastest of the entire release of 7194 birds (3165 old and 4029 youngsters)!

Moreover, it is the third time this season that they have the fastest Union Antwerp pigeon, after 1st Melun 2454 old birds on May 2nd and 1st Sermaises 2666 old birds on May 23rd. In addition to this Henk, Nicole and Eric also won a.o. 1st National Valence 7517 old birds with a 34 m/m lead!

Eric : “I’ve always said that in Lille it is difficult to win a 1st in the Union. Now I know it is possible, as long as they’re good enough.The winning cock 20-432 already as a youngster won 23rd National. Ace Pigeon All Round.

He was bred in the lofts of Henk and comes from 16-399 (half brother “13” Herman Bevers, 2-4-10th National ace pigeon speed KBDB) which was bred from “Son Leeuw” (Marcel Wouters and father “13”) x “Daughter Di Caprio” Dirk Van Dyck.

The mother of 20-432 has number 12-369 and is a proven breeding hen. She comes from 10-877 “Brother Kim” Gaston Van de Wouwer x GFL03-1166 (Mike Ganus out of “Rocket” 1st Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB for Rinus van Gastel x “Daughter Kannibaal” Dirk Van Dyck).

The winner is called “Dikke Luc”, after the basketer in our club room in Beerse. He is a strong blue cock, and an incredible ‘wringer’ in the hand. Every time Luc, the basketer, says at the marking, “Oh no, it’s that one again…”

Two birds came right on line, but they had a scare from the buzzard. The first bird went in relatively quickly, but the second one lost a minute.

“The last few weeks I have raced very few pigeons, as the whole season the weather has ‘played around’. We sent 21 birds to Issoudun and 20 to Limoges, and the rest went to Sermaises to get back into a racing routine again. Now they are back in motion and ready for the upcoming nationals.

I’m in love with the autumn classics and plan to race them on the nest. I’ll split them into two teams, pairing some after Bourges and the others after Chateauroux. From then on training stops as it’s not worth it. The old birds are not darkened as I think it is not necessary. I’ve tried everything but once on a nest they usually throw two flights. But the motivation on a youngster in the nest in August (after a long season) is much more important in my opinion than the wing condition.”