Comb.Hermans-Hoekstra, Waalre…


The winning season continues for Combination Hermans-Hoekstra of Waalre. Saturday 3rd May saw the partnership ‘Do The ‘Double’ on the same day.

In the Concourse Commissie Eindhoven race from the Middle Distance race point of Sezanne they won 1st and 15th prizes against 2,498 entries. The winning speed of 1191 m.p.m. demonstrates a very testing race. Their winner is a son of Rik Hermans super hen ‘Charlene’ when she was coupled with ‘Grijze’ a fantastic racer as a youngster for Laurent Heggermont. This cock won first Provincial Ace and was bought without a pedigree!

The short Distance race saw the Combination win 1st,2nd & 10th prizes from Isnes against 457 birds, again in a testing race. Their winner this time is a full brother of ‘Charlene’!!

The ‘Charlene’ was raced by Jan’s son Rik from his loft in Pulle, Belgium and was the winner of 3rd Belgian Asduif Fond Europacup 2011 ~ 5th National Argenton 11.001 b ~ 6th National Chateauroux 22.718 b ~  27th National Argenton 4782 b ~ 121st National Montlucon 17.865 b ~ 154th National La Chatre 15.780 b ~ 259th National Chateauroux 20.517 b as a young bird and yearling.

A full brother to ‘Charlene’ is ’09-615′ a winner of 1st Noyon 364 b & 2nd Marne 3040 b.  Another Half Sister  won 77th National Bourges 16.859 b and 35th National Chateauroux 15.902 b for Luc & Hilde Sioen.

Parents of ‘Charlene’ is a cock from Rudi Diels being a full brother to his Olympic Pigeon ‘Goudhaantje’ when paired to ‘Zorgenkindje’ a hen from Eddy Jannsens a direct daughter of his famous base breeding hen ‘Anna’.


Concours Commissie Eindhoven ~ Sezanne 3-5, 2,498 d., 1191 d.

1-15 Comb. Jan Hermans-Hoekstra Waalre

2-14 Danny Foederer

3-12-22 Wil Dekkers beide Veldhoven

4-10-16 Comb. Hans Klessens-Ria de Lepper Valkenswaard

5 Ron Ball

6-17 Joop Koch beide Eindhoven

7-8-11-12-20-24 Martien Verberne

9-23 Gebr. Frans en Henk de Vroom beide Veldhoven

13 Comb.De Jong-Santbergen Valkenswaard

18 Hans Walravens Eindhoven

19 Comb. Schreudervan de Wiel Veldhoven

25 Roel Methorst Eindhoven

Concours Commissie Eindhoven ~ Isnes 3-5, Rayon 1, 457 d., 1196 m.p.m.

1-2-10 Comb. Jan Hermans- Hoekstra Waalre

3 Willem van de Dungen Eindhoven

4 Hans Bartels Geldrop

5 Comb. Daan Admiraal-V.D. Horst Eindhoven

6 Jan van Kemenade Geldrop

7 Piet Stokmans en Zn. Eindhoven

8-9 Tiny Wartenbergh Geldrop.