Many fanciers across the pigeon sport world know well the influence of the legendary Kannibaal of Dirk and Louis Van Dyck.   We visited Zandhoven in 1999 and started our own Kannibaal journey with many children finding there way into our breeding loft.

We together with thousands of other fanciers also greatly appreciated the profound influence of Kannibaal’s grandson “Kleine Dirk” of Gerard and Cornelius Koopman and again we introduced this bloodline via children of Kleine Dirk himself and Golden Lady,Ermerveens Hope, Tips and so on.

This line has stood the test of time at all levels of competition and is probably even better now as the years and generations progress. It is not so difficult to find Kannibaal or Kleine Dirk in most of the principle National and National Ace winners on the continent and most of the winners of the biggest One Loft Races of the last twenty years.

We try to retain this line ourselves as it continues to paly a massive part in our future breeding plans.

This young cock GB23V71949 is one such example bred from Solomon and Emerald. As you can see Kannibaal appears all over the pedigree and actually appears 16 times in the extended pedigree. We are also delighted that despite this type of concentration we are seeing no deteriation in the quality.

Still not decided if we will retain this young cock as he is a very special speicimen or race him.

GB23V71949 with Kannibaal everywhere in his pedigree…



Pedigree of GB23V71949


Another bloodline that has stood the test of time is the famous Lucky Luke Milton of our pal Dirk Leekens who now flies with Marc Bosman and are still very much at the top of their game with this same bloodline.

We managed to purchase a beautiful young hen at their last auction auction with De Duif in Blackpool. She is the last sister of their \Super National winning hen Miss Limburg and again Lucky Luke and Milton features strongly in her breeding.

She is the ideal type and bloodline to couple to “Nitro’ one of our principle breeders bred by Dirk Leekens. He is now twelve years old and never misses an egg. Dirk assures me Lucky Luke was fertile until seventeen years old so we might be lucky and have time to retain some offspring with various hens for our future breeding plans.

The first two we bred from Nitro with Last Limburg are really stunning in every way. A perfect type to race or retain and again we are undecided if they will be raced or retained for stock.

Maybe a good pair woul be the checker cock GB23V71949 (Solomon x Emerald) with the grizzle hen GB23V72038 (Nitro x Last Limburg) ?

Why we love this great sport.

Two Beauties from Nitro x Last Limburg…

Pedigree with Lucky Luke and Milton on both sides…