Sorry for the delay and some absent reports recently, I simply do not have the time for everything.

However the last NPO Eeendag (One Day Long Distance) Program race for the season turned out to be a very pleasing result indeed winning 1st, 3rd and 5th Union de Baronie against 542 birds and 2nd,8th,and 11th NPO against 2467 birds. Also winning 1st place in ‘De Grootmeester’ Loft performance from Issoudun.

This has concluded a very good season for us with the old bird program races and now its on to the young bird competitions. We have yet to decide about racing the young bird program due to the amount of sickness and viral infections knocking about and it is very likely we will only race the Natour Any Age program of races that start a little later and finishes later in September. This we have also done this last few years and it is far better racing  avoiding the worst of the losses and still being able to retain our promising young birds to become yearlings in our team next season.

Issoudun was a fantastic race for us with our first arrival pipped for 1st NPO by 1 meter per minute! He is a yearling cock bred from our good breeding Jan Hooymans cock ‘Dario’ paired with  ‘Esther’ a beautiful daughter of ‘War Drum’ with ‘Mata Hari’.

We have decided to retain the majority of our direct ‘War Drum’ offspring as he is now 11 years old, and this year he has simply been all over the pedigrees of some major race winners in the UK. Ireland and The Netherlands. Mostly with different hens. We need to secure our position before it is too late.

NL21-1275157 1st Union de Baronie 542 birds and 2nd NPO Issoudun against 2467 entries.


This is Dario a top breeding direct Jan Hooymans cock that has bred us many top performers.

‘War Drum’ one of our very best breeding cocks ever…His winning DNA has been seen all over the pedigrees of some exceptional big winners this last few seasons. We now need to retain what we need for the future from this cock as he is now 11 years old, but the good news is we already have a good number from him all half brothers and sisters. This bloodline is still winning into the fifth and sixth generation, so he will feature very much in our future breeding strategy.


This is ‘Mata Hari’ the last daughter of ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Zelda’ the last daughter of our Young Couple. So some of the very best winning genes that have proven themselves all over the country. I am not 100% certain that looks has anything to do with breeding success, however I must admit she really is a beauty in every way.


NL21-1275107  3rd Union de Baronie 542 birds and 8th NPO Issoudun against 2467 entries.


NL20-2009602 another multiple performer direct from ‘Special One’ our best son of Harry. This one is not only a fantastic racer in its own right but is also  is the nest mate to ‘Special Boy’ winner of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon &  6th Dutch National Ace Young Bird in 2020.  Dam is again from our very best bloodlines ‘Junior’ last son of ‘The Young Couple’ with ‘Rhiannon’ the renowned breeder from Full Set and Pink Eyes.


Provincial ‘Grootmeester’ , Issoudun…best loft performance.