After three torrid weeks of weather, cancelled races and erratic returns we eventually had a good days racing yesterday after another one day holdover.

It was the first NPO Race One Day Long Distance of the season from Issoudun a distance of almost 600 km , so a classic 6 hour fly for the leaders.

Ronny Van Tilburg the Corn Man wins a very well deserved 1st NPO and we must mention the superb performance of the famous Louis Stable and Son from Goirle’s wonderful multiple performance of 2nd,3rd,6th,7th,9th,10th and so on from 6667 birds. Quite outstanding !!

We have now been racing in Brabant in The Netherlands for over twenty years and when I mention the Louis Stable results above it also makes me appreciate the sheer level of competition in this traditional Pigeon Area area of Holland. It really is a privilege to compete against these fanciers  and is a major reason I continue to love our great hobby.

The current stars include not only Brian Bolton/Eric Reijnen /De Hoogh and the members of the renowned Goirle Club in the east but Peter Embregts Theunis, Hoeven in the West…Heijblom van Strien, Rob Roks and all of the super St Willebrord fanciers…Old Guys like Ad Schaerlaeckens, Wal Zoontjens, Wout Speirings  and back in time Ludo Claessens,Verhoeven, Christ Van den Pol, Frank Aarts and even in our own club competing every week against Hemert and Ouwerkerk (H & O) , Combination Braade de Joode, Gebr. van Hemert, Teun Versteeg all top fanciers in the Pigeon Sport.

I am certain I will have upset someone now by not mentioning them but with over 3000 ‘local’ members all trying very hard every week I can not mention everyone. The point is, it is a real honour to compete with these individuals and it is inevitable that the results level and birds performance improve to an extremely high level when every week it is like forging performances in a ‘Cauldron’.  Some of my ‘Old Mans’  wise words,,, ‘be with the winners…the conversation is different’.

We were extremely happy with the team performance this week winning 9 prizes from only 10 entries at NPO level and some very early results.

Club 80 birds…2nd,4th,5th,7th,15th,18th ..

Union de Baronie 1130 birds…10th,21st,22nd,28th…

NPO Brabant 2000 6667 birds…27th,67th,68th,91st…

32nd,86th,87th Overall Zeeland & Brabant 2000 11,424 birds.

Our first bird was NL19-3920157

NL19-3920157 our first bird for 27th NPO Issoudun 6667 birds. A nice mixture of Special One (son Harry), King Kanon (Son Kanon) and Drum…


Our second arrival was GB19V51577 67th NPO Issoudun 6667 birds…


GB19V51577 for 67th NPO Issodun 6667 birds. This is a really special pairing with his nest sister winning very well for us as a youngster and another full sister winning winning 1st UK , 7th International Final Algarve Golden Race last year with eight on the drop.   Mona Lisa is of course a legendry breeder and when crossed with Rocket is Dynamite. Interestingly another of of this weeks GB19V51529 was bred from Witpen Mike a son of Abagail (Rocket x Mona Lisa) when paired to Trinity  a grand daughter of Rocket. Legendary bloodlines that just keep winning all around the world.


Our third bird NL17-3723686 winning 68th NPO Issoudun 6667 birds and previous winner of through the Harry line on his sires side and a super well bred hen from the top loft of de Hoogh and Son…

Our fourth arrival was NL15-1810813 for 91st NPO Issoudun 6667 birds

Our fourth arrival NL15-1810813 for 91st NPO Issoudun and a previous very big winner for us including 7th Ace Pigeon Vitesse Combine 2019.


Our second race of the day was a Vitesse race from Pont St. Max 330 km.

We sent 20 yearling for a confidence builder and 3 older birds for Championship points and once again we were happy with some early prizes .

Union de Baronie 2561 birds…25th,39th,79th

Brabant 2000 Provincial  11,217 birds…57th,87th…

Our first bird was NL20-2009604~New Harry with Rocket and Rhiannon…

Our first bird yesterday  for 57th Provincial 11,217 birds and previous winner of 34th NPO Sens 10,005 birds…and her brother and sister also scored very well last season and her brother and sister also scored very well last year as young birds…a very promising pairing.


Our second arrival was NL20-2009611

Our second bird in the clock yesterday wining 87th Provincial 11,217 birds and previous winner of 1st club, 2nd Combine and 16th NPO against 10,000 plus birds…


Our third bird yesterday NL20-1581153

A gift bird from our friend and top flier Peter Embregts Theunis. As you can see from the pedigree its nothing more than top results in every generation with the Mother being Athenas Warrior 1st Weert ec and she is bred from Peters Athenas Rossi 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon and 5th National Ace being bred from his basic cock Super Rossi when he was paired to Sun a gift bird from us to Peter from Propere Rik and Athenas Best.

Our fourth arrival was NL18-5191588 a grandson of Max x Bontje 191  our 1st Nominated for the points and we was very pleased indeed to see him early. His mother Cheyenne was a terrific racer and is now also proving a useful breeder as well.

NL-18-5191588 – our nominated points pigeon this week.