‘Baron Harry ‘ a handsome looking cock with a super origin and a big future!  


The bloodline of Jan Hooymans famous Harry is having an exceptionally good run in this seasons classic races… Harry bloodline is also doing well elsewhere, you can this week read in DE DUIF newspaper (1st and 5th Nat. Agen yearlings Batenburg-Van de Merwe 75% Hooymans and 1st Inter Prov. Limoges Combine. From Wanrooij 25% Hooymans). Also 1st Prov. / 2nd Interprov. Montelimar F & B Verdeyen is a granddaughter of “Harry”, as is the 1st Prov. Argenton 2660 yearlings (fastest 4470 d.) for Bosmans-Leekens.
And 1st Nat. S1 Bergerac 8389 d. performed at Leen Pruijsen (via Cor de Heijde).
Besides these results there is a lot of Harry blood in many top pigeons in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond!

Last Saturday saw Jan Hooymans win 1st NPO Bourges against 4,812 birds with ‘Baron Harry’ he was also good for 2nd Overall in the Northern Union against 18,312 birds, just one second off first place.

“Baron Harry” has flown very well all season as a yearling however  he had a shaky start as a youngster taking two months to return home from his first Oudenaarde race. It was decided to give him a second chance because of his appearance and origin, and “Baron Harry” seized this chance with both hands. He flew several top prizes to crown his debut at the middle distance with a 1st NPO victory.

As a matter of interest his illustrious father ‘Blue Baron’ also had a similar start to his career while racing at Comb.Colijn Fox in Nieuwendijk also going missing as a youngster and returning more than one year later and then went on to amass a fantastic list of results at all levels. Lets hope that ‘LIGHTNING DOES STRIKE TWICE!’

‘Baron Harry’ in top class condition…


This is ‘Blue Baron’ a terrific racing cock and transfered to his new owner Jan Hooymans last year. He was a top class racer and now his first youngster for his new owner is ‘Baron Harry’ winner of 1st NPO Bourges…