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Jelle De Bock…1st & 2nd Provincial Issoudun East Flanders 1,993 Old Birds

A few weeks ago I ended my article about Jelle De Bock with the prophetic words that we are going to hear a lot from this loft, and that was proven correct! After 1st and 3rd Provincial Montoire against 5,093 yearlings it is again top prizes there in Kluisbergen.

This weekend Jelle wins with his first 2 nominated 1st and 2nd Provincial against 1,993 old birds.

His “Super Marcel” BE19-4169639 was the fastest old bird. This chequered hen came home at 14:10h and achieved over the 442 km a speed of 1426, 11 mpm. Just under 2 minutes later he also won the 2nd Provincial with “Aukje” BE19-4169678. A total of 13 old birds and 22 yearlings were in the basket.

“Super Marcel” previously won 25th National Chateauroux 24,617 p., 17th National Bourges 8,424 p. and 1st Toury 1,366 p. Father is B15-4088059 “Marcel 059” (a.o. 1st Prov. Chateaudun 4,634 p.) from 916-05 x 218-13 (Dirk Deroose). Mother is NL17-1279509 directly Willem de Bruijn from “Floris Junior” x  “Marianne” (daughter “Hurricane”).

The second Provincial (and 14th National) is recorded by “Aukje” 678-19 who previously had won 41st National Bourges against 34,311 youngsters. She comes from 130-17 (Casaert-Sénéchal) x 476-12 “Christy” (Chris De Backer).

Both hens come directly from friend Joost De Smeyter. Top pigeons and a young top fancier, for the rest of the competition it is a lethal combination. I fall into repetition but we have not heard the last about Jelle.


Translation Witpen