The B.I.C.C. race from Agen was flown with the Agen International on 2nd July 2022 with a strong West Wind with wet weather and no sun in the West Country all day long that did not help the birds in any way on the 535 mile journey home.

Their two year old late bred hen was clocked at 6.50 am on the second day so was not so far from home on the first day.

Being a late bred in 2020 she was only trained 90 miles and due to the disruption in Channel racing in 2021 was raced with their other yearlings in the W.O.E.S.R.C. as far as Ramsgate and in 2022 was set up for Agen with the St.Philbert race in the B.I.C.C. which turned out a very testing affair.

This hen is bred for the job being from GB19V51936 that we bred from ‘Super Klamper’ and ‘Dochter Brother Bordeaux’ both bred directly by Cor de Heijde the Dutch Long Distance specialist. Dam of the hen was   bred by Crammond & Langstaff and she was from Double Dutch and Starlight Melissa.

GB19V51936 grandsire of 1st Section 14th BICC National Agen 535 miles 2022.

I have no doubt with the breeding and her career so far that we will hear more of this two year old hen as she matures.

Many congratulations indeed.