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Jo & Florian Hendriks …  1-3-5 Sector 4 Chateauroux 1274 birds.

Nijswiller – It was not without its problems for the national Sector 1 to be able to fly this National One Day long distance race.

Initially, La Souterraine was on the program, which had to be postponed on Saturday.

On Sunday morning there was still no liberation so the decision was made to move the convoy to Chateauroux.

The race got underway with at 9.15 am sector 1B (East Brabant and Limburg) with a weak northeast wind and further along the flight line the wind turned north.

The Limburg contingent had 1274 pigeons in competition and it was the well-known one day long distance specialists Jo and Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller flying a distance of 538 km who clocked their first pigeon at 18.02.01 o’clock to achieve the winning speed of 1021 m.p.m.

Less than 5 minutes later they clocked their second and third pigeon at 6.06 pm and 6.07 pm respectively, winning places 3rd and 5th.

Jo and Florian started with 10 pigeons and they also win prize 139. In sector 1B they were 4-12-17 and 355 against 3,511 pigeons.

This season they had consciously chosen to fly with their young racing team only twice in the one day long distance program. After earlier in the season from National Issoudun winning the 7th of 34,214 pigeons , they have once again raced a super top performance .

The Hendriks family was also hit by the Limburg floods before they were basketed. The water was in the house and under the pigeon loft. There was a lot of emergency work in and around the loft to make everything dry again. That’s why Florian consciously chose to keep the pigeons as quiet as possible and the hens were not shown before basketing.

Not an unwise choice as it turned out on Sunday.

The Chateauroux winner wears the ring NL20-1731599, he is a full brother of “Kleine Gerard”, the super racer who won 2nd NPO Bourges 8278 pigeons, 4th NPO Montluçon 1310 pigeons, 5th NPO Lorris 5537 pigeons, 11th NPO Limoges 1320 pigeons. Their father is the NL12/890 “Son Zina” (“Davids Son” x “Zina”). Mother is NL12/075 “Klein Dirkje”(“Zakir” x “Rafaella”) both coming directly from Gerard Koopman.                                                                                                                                                              Previously the “599” had also already won 211th NPO Orleans 3330 pigeons, 212th Provincial Rethel 11,955 pigeons, 244th Provincial Rethel 12,840 pigeons. etc.

The yearling cock that won 3rd prize in the NPO Chateauroux is the NL20-1731505 “Son Kleine Gerard”. He comes direct out of “Kleine Gerard”, who was coupled with the B16/813 “Sister Friendship” (“Son Harry” x “Daughter Olympic Niels”), direct from Jan and Rik Hermans, Pulle Belgium.

The line of “Kleine Gerard” has an incredible breeding value that was recently also proven by Jan Deliege who the 1st NPO Montluçon with a son of “Brother Kleine Gerard”, while the 3rd NPO Montluçon of Jan was bred from a half-brother of “Kleine Gerard”.

Last year the Hendriks family also won 1st NPO Sezanne from “Son Kleine Gerard” and the 2nd NPO Sezanne was bred from a daughter of “Kleine Gerard”.                                                                                     Talk about a top winning line!

The 5th prize sector of NPO Chateauroux was won by the NL 20-1731526 “Harry King”, a son of the NL 14/ 074 “Perfect Harry”, a direct Jan Hooymans (“Harry” x “Half-sister Henkie) x NL16-801 “Daughter of King Kong”, direct from NL09/901 “King Kong” x B 07/401 “Witpen Argenton”, direct Jos & Jules Engles (“Argenton” x “Daughter Marieke”).

Jo and Florian Hendriks prove again that they have built up an excellent colony for the one day long distance competitions. Again they confirm this with 3 pigeons in the top 17 to excel in the national sector 1B against 3511 pigeons.

Well done guys and big congratulations!