A few hours ago the medium sized blue hen BE19-6110631 arrived home to Johan Donckers of Grobbendonk in the Antwerp Province to provisionally win 1st National Old Birds against 24,628 entries. She is also 2nd Overall total liberation against 46,824 birds.

‘The Duif Chronicle Online’ will publish a full report later in the week we publish this quick preliminary report  right now to give you the latest winning news without delay.


Pedigree for BE19- 6110631 Provisional 1st Chateauroux National Old Birds flown earlier this afternoon.


Provisional 1st Chateauroux National Old Birds flown earlier this afternoon in stunning condition.

She could not be in better shape. What a classy looking individual.


These bloodlines are absolute top performance and have been for years. Featured photo here is ZOON ASDUIF the grandsire of the 1st National Chateauroux today that is a son of OUDE ASDUIF a father of sublime racing and breeding skill.  We ourselves are very lucky to have introduced direct from these top class individuals several years ago to strengthen our breeding loft and with tremendous success.

A direct daughter of ZOON ASDUIF is MAXINE our top class breeder and she is the dam of our PHAROAH the cock of THE PORTUGAL PAIR  becoming one of the best breeding couples we have ever owned.


Zoon Oude Asduif BE07-6354048.