Who doesnt like messages like this?

Recieved this message from Geoffery Douglas, Lurgan breeder of 2nd Open INFC Kings Cup St.Allouestre  2023 for J.Murtagh and Son , Newry.:

Hi Peter,

I received a very  welcome phone call from a very good  distance fancier  Johnny  Murtagh from Newry who was delighted to inform me that he had timed my blue cock GB 21 X30343 at 19.50  hrs on the day of lib from a very hard INFC Kings  cup race from St.Allouestre ,France  459 miles  vel.972 to finish 2nd open INFC winning £604.

This was a very hard race with only 18 birds timed on the day and only 101 returning in 4 days due due to strong n/w wind  the whole route.

The pigeon in question also won 17th open INFC St Malo Friendship National in 2022 (214m sent 993 birds) on another difficult day vel.798 flying 430 miles ,only 93 birds timed in 4 days.

The pigeon was one of a batch of 6 that I presented to the annual Newry Hospice Sale in 2021 and was purchased by Johnny. The  breeding is 100%  Syndicate Lofts bloodlines being bred from a direct cock of yours GB18F28417 Little Dirk x Ivy when paired to  GB16F12709 (full sister to  my 2016  NIPA Ylg Cocks  Nat winner Foxy Ali) sire is a son of my Good Pair and dam was GB14V39641 (Mario x Ivy).

Hearty congratulations to Johnny for his success and  information. The race was won by another super fancier from the same area Mark Maguire & Son Vel 978  who have a great record from these distance races,well done boys.

Geoffery purchased the son of Little Dirk and Ivy at Howard Jacksons sale in Blackpool a few years ago. In just one season breeding Howard bred two x 1st prize winners from three youngsters raced from the same cock.


Little Dirk bred by Dirk Van Dyck direct from his 1st KBDB National Ace Midfond winner.

Sire of GBF28417 (Geoffrey Douglas) sire of 2nd Open INFC St.Allouestre Kings Cup 2023 against 1913 birds only 17 on the day from 459 miles for J.Murtagh and Son.

Sire of GB19V51931 (S.Guildea & Son) breeder of:


*1st N.Liverpool Fed Monmouth 1965 b.


*1st Club.1st Federation Yeovil 2050 b
*1st Club,10th Federation Bath 2087 b
*2nd Club,16th Federation Weymouth 1753 b
*2nd Club,17th Federation Exeter 1428 b
(These results as a September hatched late bred raced by Willamson & Murphy)

Sire of GB18F28532 (R & S Harris) dam of:
*1st Club Frome 590 b
1st Liverpool Amal
1st N.W.Combine 6194b

Bred by Dirk Van Dyck direct from ‘Queen’:
*1st National Asduif Middle Distance KBDB ’15
*1st Souppes 1210 b
*1st Souppes 842 b
*1st Sourdun 770 b
*2nd Souppes 1916 b
*5th Souppes 1879 b
*5th Melun 1250 b
*9th Souppes 744 b
*18th Gien 2231 b

Ivy now also granddam of 2nd Open Open INFC St.Allouestre Kings Cup 2023 against 1913 birds only 17 on the day from 459 miles for J.Murtagh and Son. From her son paired back to her grandaughter.


It must be also noted that the  grandsire is yet another son of Geoffreys GOLDEN PAIR responsible for well over 100 x 1st prize winners and grandparents of  two National winners for him. This GOLDEN PAIR of Geoffreys also bred LURGAN BELLE the dam of Ernie Rigby’s sensational breeding cock  sire of many MCCC and NFC performers. Her bloodline is principly the old Schallie 82 bloodline of Wal Zoontjens. Great tough day bloodlines.