The magnificent cock featured here  showing exceptional condition is DE 111 bred and raced by Ken Wise of Iselworth to win probable 1st Three Borders Fed from Wincanton with his nest sister dropping with him to win 4th Fed. 


Had a very welcome call from Ken Wise from Iselworth who has started the 2024 season in great form. Last week winning the first eight positions in his club and this week winning the first ten including the probable first four positions in the Three Borders Federation from Wincanton against around 800 pigeons.

First pigeon for 1st Fed was a magnificent checker yearling cock Sire bred from a son of our great Glyndwr Cock (Young Couple) x  Daughter Propere Rik x Foxy Lady and the dam is from Kens National winner with her own sire his number one breeder Shadow of Death!

The winners nest sister also dropped with him to win fourth fed.


GLYNDWR another great racer and breeder out of our YOUNG COUPLE a bloodline that is stronger than ever!


Second bird for 2nd Fed was a bird Ken bought from James Parker out of his top bloodlines.

Third bird was bred from a son of SOLOMON (Jerson x Miss Marakot , Koopman) x CARMEN (Drum x Gerrie) and the dam was from BULLS EYE (Solomon x Alicia daughter Bulldozer Verkerk) x MAGGY MURPHY (daughter Murphys Law).

SOLOMON bred from two champions and producing exceptionally well at a young age. He is the great winning  golden bloodline of KLEINE DIRK of Koopman …

What a winning gene pool!

Very well done indeed and lets hope the form continues.