‘Chico’ a son of Hannibal and without doubt his successor…We can verify over 60 x 1st prize winners from this great cock in the first and second generations when paired to different hens and for many different fanciers… Last weekend our Quievrain Natour winner was NL15-1810813 (A grandson) and his father GB13J04616 (Son of Chico)  was our 4th bird winning 11th club 359 birds!…In the last two weeks we have also had four different fanciers report 1st prize winners with the grandchildren of Chico. A real Star in the breeding loft.


Saturday 19th August saw us race in two races winning 2 x 1st!

First race of the day was the Young Bird race from Fontenay a distance of 449 km winning 1st Club 232 birds,4th Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 722 birds,8th Union de Baronie 1,863 birds and 42nd Nat.NPO against 9,425 birds.  Our young bird winner this week is:

NL17-3723721 winner of 1st club Fountenay 42nd NPO against 9,425 birds…

Second race of the day was the Natour Race from Quievrain a distance of 174 km winning 1st,3rd,4th,11th,12th,13th club against 359 birds 6th,11th,12th,34th,35th Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 1,125 birds 27th,43rd,44th Union de Baronie 3,480 birds… Our Natour winner this week is:



This weeks winner of 1st Quievrain 359 birds,27th Union de Baronie 3,480 birds…


On the 13th August we competed in two races with early prizes in both. The first race was the young bird race from Pont St Max a distance of 321 km winning 3rd, 8th club 348 birds,3rd,18th Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 951 birds and 33rd and 85th Union de Baronie 2,369 birds…

Our first bird was :

NL17-1375953 winner of 3rd Pont St Max 348 birds. Our second bird was NL17-3723715 a grandchild Harry…

Also on the 13th August was the second race was a Natour race from Asse Zellik a distance of 109km winning 2nd,3rd,9th,10th,11th,14th club 342 birds, 3rd,5th,20th,21st,28th Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 1,156 birds,9th,19th etc Union de Baronie 3,526 birds.

Our first bird was :

Our first bird was GB16V48638 winner of 2nd Club 342 birds,9th Combine 3,526 birds and a previous winner of 25th Combine 2,435 birds and also a winner of 28th Combine Morlincourt 2,263 birds last season. He was bred from Max with Astrid a daughter of the FAVORIET COUPLE of Leo Heremans.


The 29th July was the young bird race from Morlincourt a distance of 280 km winning 3rd,4th,5th,7th club 421 birds,6th,7th,11th,14th Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 1,127 birds,29th,30th,42nd,56th Union de Baronie 3,124 birds.  Our first bird was :

NL17-3723696 winner of 3rd club 421 birds,6th Fed 1,127 birds & 29th Combine 3,124 birds from Morlincourt. The week previously the same bird won 1st Club Quievrain 491 birds, 3rd Fed 1,412 birds ,13th Combine 3,761 birds


Our second bird was :

NL17-3723721 on 29th July this bird won 4th club 421 birds,7th Fed 1,127 birds & 30th Combine 3,124 birds from Morlincourt and would go on to win on the 19th August 1st club 232 birds .4th Fed 722 birds, 8th Combine 1,863 birds & 42nd NPO Fountenay against 9,425 birds…


Our third bird was

NL17-1375921~on 29th July winner of 5th club 421 birds,11th Fed 1,127 birds,42nd Combine 3,124 birds from Morlincourt and was a previous winner of 1st Club 551 birds, 1st Fed 1,522 birds, 2nd Combine 3,987 birds Asse Zellik. A REAL STAR OF THE FUTURE!


On 22nd July 2107 was the Chateauroux National race a distance of 598 km to Nieuwendijk and we was very pleased to time an early one for 2nd club ,10th Union de Baronie 741 birds,98th Sector 1 against 10,231 birds & 149th National against 37,874 birds. Our early bird was  NL14-3432662 bred from ‘Zoon Pikeur’ from Peter van der Merwe with a half sister to ‘Mike’ being a daughter of ‘Sterre’ this time coupled with a grandson of Caliph, Chanel and Super 8 that had won 72nd NPO Sezanne for us against 12.518 birds