*The Young Couple bloodline just keeps on winning ….their golden blood can be found in our young bird winner this week from Quievrain and our 1st and 2nd prize winners from Gien.  


Last weekend saw us compete in three races with the result of 3 x first prizes!

Saturday was the second young bird race of the season and we won again from Quievrain a distance of around 175 km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 478 birds….1st, 2nd,21st,22nd,29th etc

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 1,412 birds…3rd,4th

Union de Baronie 3,761 birds…13th,17th

First bird was NL17-3733696 that is bred from our original bloodlines. We also have a yearling that has won the same way bred. Sire is a son of ‘Caliph’ and ‘Poppy’ and the dam is ‘Diamandtje’ a hen with a quite remarkable pedigree that is breeding some really great birds. Her sire is our ‘Young King’ a direct son of our ‘Young Couple’a good winner himself and the sire of our super breeder ‘Top Star’and her dam is a daughter of our famous ‘Kannibal King’ a winner himself of 1st Ace Young Bird Long Distance Union de Baronie 2005 against more than 1000 members 1st Combine Harchies 24,885 birds and he is another direct son of the ‘Young Couple’. ‘Kannibaal King’ was coupled to ‘Kitty’ a direct daughter of ‘Rocket’ 1st Dutch National Ace and world renowned breeder when he was coupled to ‘Mia’ a unique daughter of ‘Wittenbuik’ (Gaby Vandenabeele) x the legendry ‘Sissi’ (Ad Schaerlaeckens).

With a pedigree like that ‘Diamandtje’ had to breed some good winners. And she has. In 2013 we presented a club mate NL13-3325488 and he hit the Bulls Eye straight away with this young cock winning 1st Ace Young Bird in the Union de Baronie Combine against over 600 members. When our friend moved away from the area he gifted the Ace Pigeon back to us.

Directly from the Ace Pigeon NL13-3325488 (son of Diamandtje) we bred NL14-1168739 and presented this pigeon to Peter Admiraal another friend from Werkendam where he again hit the top winning 1st Combine Morlincourt this season against 4,413 birds and many other prizes.

Our second bird was NL17-3723715 that also won 6th Combine Asse Zellik last week against 3,987 birds. This one is bred from ‘Special One’ a realy promising young talent in our breeding lofts and he was bred by Jan Hooymans from his world famous ‘Harry’. We can only see a great future for him.

1st Club Quivrain 491 birds
3rd Fed 1,412 birds
13th Combine 3,761 birds

2nd Club Quievrain 491 birds
4th Fed 1,412 birds
17th Combine 3,761 birds
4th Club Asse Zellik 551 birds
4th Fed 1,522 birds
6th Combine 3,987 birds


The second race of the weekend was from Gien a distance of 482 km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 128 birds…  1st,6th etc with 13 prizes from 19 entries at NPO level.

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 383 birds…3rd,19th

Union de Baronie 819 birds…5th,37th

National NPO 4,119 birds…34th

Our first bird was our super cock ‘De Cryuff’ NL14-3432678. He won 2nd Ace Pigeon Union De Baronie in 2016…he also won 2nd Ace Pigeon Union De Baronie in 2015….so two times 2nd in two seasons. He won 6 x 1st prizewinner including from St Quentin,1st Asse Zellik in the first race of last season against 497 birds sent by 20 fanciers taking 2nd Union de Baronie 1.506 birds…the previous season as a yearling he won 1st from Roye against 216 club birds (47th Brabant 2000 vs 14.164 birds) and also won 1st the week before from Sens against 277 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 17.226 birds) and was also 4th club from Creil the week before that against 394 birds (26th Brabant 2000 vs 23.378 birds)….and as a young bird won 1st Nanteuil against 255 birds (66th Brabant 2000 vs 17.015 birds)…

His father is ‘Top Star’ a great breeding son of ‘Young King (Young Couple) x ‘Chanel. His mother is ‘Sterre’ a daughter of ‘Jonge Super Champ’ (Son of Super Champ Orlando Verbree x Dtr.Godfather).This cock ‘Jonge Super Champ’ was a real good one and breeder of 1st Combine Houdeng 10,315 birds and 1st Combine Houdeng 12,491 birds.

Our second bird was NL16-1626900 a winner of 21st Combine 3001 birds and 32nd Combine Melun this season against 3,880 birds and 63rd Combine Morlincourt also this season from almost 5,000 birds, being bred from ‘Special One’ a direct son of Harry of Hooymans when coupled to a daughter of Belofte (Brother Blue Baron) x daughter Top Star.

This is Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry and he is the father of our second bird this week from Quievrain to win 2nd club 491 birds and also our second bird from Gien NL16-1626900 and a previous winner this season of 21st Combine Criel 3,001 birds, 32nd Combine Melun 3,880 birds and 63rd Combine Morlincourt 4,947 birds.


Our third race of the weekend was an overnight race from Bordeaux a distance of around 866 km to Nieuwendijk. We sent two and clocked one early in a really difficult race to win 1st Club 25 birds,11th Combine 637 birds and 24th National NPO against 2,053 birds with a speed of 873 meters per minute! A real war of attrition. Our winner NL14-3400397 was a gift bird from good friend John Aarts of Baarle Nassau and he is bred in the purple for this type of race.

1st Club 25 birds,11th Combine 637 birds,24th NPO 2,053 Bordeaux 866 km Vel.873 m/m !