Late Breds For Sale…

September 7, 2018

Below are a selection of late breds we have selected to for sale. All have been selected for bloodline ,quality and health.

Prices are plus carriage and sex can not be guaranteed.

Please email us at or phone Peter 01248 355183 if interested.

Please note we will select another 6 to ten youngsters and upload them on our site next Friday. We hope to include some of our long distance lines.



Lot 1.Blue Cock GB18E29302 Price £250 SOLD

Lot 2.Blue Checker Cock GB18E29325 Price £150

Lot 3.Dark w/f Hen GB18F28535 Price £250 SOLD

Lot 4.Blue Checker Cock GB18E29328 Price £250

Lot 5.Blue Cock GB18F28464 Price £300 SOLD

Lot 6.Blue Checker Cock GB18F28223 Price £150 SOLD

Lot 7. Blue Cock GB18F28297 Price £500

Lot 8. Blue Checker Hen GB18F2829 Price £500 SOLD

Lot 9. Blue Hen GB18F28434 Price £400 SOLD

Lot 10.Blue Checker Hen GB18F28195 Price £400 SOLD

Lot 11. Blue Hen GB18F28345 Price £250

Lot 12. Blue Hen GB18F28225 Price £250 SOLD

Lot 13. Blue white flight Hen GB18F28419 Price £250

Lot 14.Blue Pied Hen GB18F28486 Price £250 SOLD

Lot 15. Blue Hen GB18E29320 Price £400

Lot 16.Blue Checker Cock GB18E29306 Price £250

Lot 17.Pencil Pied Cock GB18E29338 Price £300 SOLD











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