Had a very nice message from Adrian Leach , copied below….


Hello Peter

Hope you are keeping well, just to let you know how ‘Zulu Warrior’ our son of ‘Blue Baron’ is progressing in our breeding lofts, I attach a photo and results with his direct children when he was coupled to 3 different hens.

I am fairly confident that the prize list will grow considerably in the coming seasons, he has a fantastic strike rate, his children have fantastic muscular bodies with perfect balance.

‘Zulu Warrior’ NL14-1168679 ( Direct son of ‘Blue Baron’)

Sire To:

1st club 205b Pat Helliwell

1st fed 690b Pat Helliwell

1st club 142b

1st fed 432b

1st P.V.Fed BB £700

1st club 225b

1st fed 605b

1st club 212b

2nd fed 1002b BBLM

1st club K&M Arkless

9th fed 841b K&M Arkless

9th Lofthouse west BB £400 K&M Arkless

2nd club 257b

3rd fed 824b

2nd club 296b BBLM

2nd fed 860b BBLM

2nd club 303b BBLM Pat Helliwell

2nd fed 893b BBLM Pat Helliwell

2nd club 246b BBLM

2nd fed 470b BBLM

2nd Amal 1908b BBLM

3rd club 135b BBLM

3rd fed 211b BBLM

3rd Amal 756b BBLM

3rd club 390b BBLM Pat Helliwell

3rd fed 1281b BBLM Pat Helliwell

1st club Mr & Mrs Bob Moore Brotton HS

36th fed 1575b Mr & Mrs Bob Moore Brotton HS

3rd club Mr & Mrs Bob Moore Brotton HS

6th fed 2092b Mr & Mrs Bob Moore Brotton HS

Regards and best wishes

Adrian Leach

Pedigree of ‘Zulu Warrior’…