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Linda Eykens ~ 1st Provincial Melun Limburg 3,120 Yearlings -fastest of 8,441 pigeons

Linkhout – Despite being a little scared and with a wait and see what the weather gods had in store approach Melun was liberated on Saturday morning at 7.15 am in good weather and windless.

Women who practice the pigeon sport are rare but stand their ground well. In Linkhout, near Lummen, Linda Eykens (61) one of those rare ‘white ravens’ has an enormous passion for the pigeon game. “I grew up among the pigeons and succeeded Dad after his death,” she told us.

For Linda, this was the second Provincial victory. She previously won Gien with the old birds in 2017 and now a beautiful victory from Melun against 3,120 yearlings and the fastest against 8,441 Limburg pigeons. A big help in the loft is brother André (67) who takes care of the birds himself every morning and the rest of the day Linda takes over everything. A duo that is can present a nice set of results over the years in the races from speed to middle distance.

They started this year with 38 widowers of which 12 were old birds and 16 yearlings. As motivation, the pigeons are just given the nest bowl at the start of the season, in recent weeks they see their hen before departure.

There is clearly form in the loft. Last week in the club race from Sezanne she won 1st against 89 old birds and 2nd against 133 youngsters.

Linda is called “Miss Sezanne” in her club because she has won this competition several times.

The winning pigeon with the ring number 5087328/20 is a blue with a white head and was purchased as a voucher from the loft Eduard Van Erdeweghe from Zelem. Father of the “328/20” is the “444/18” a pure Geerinckx from Wommelgem. Mother is the “579/16”, daughter “Blauwe Prins the late Pros Roosen.

The medical supervision is in the hands of veterinarian Raf Herbots and from this year Linda goes with the pigeons for a monthly check up. Every other month, the pigeons recieve 1/4 Flagyl tablet and everything else only upon the advice of the veterinarian.

The power supply here is Recup and a  sports mixture from Anthoons and this applies to all pigeons.

Congratulations Linda and André on this beautiful victory, enjoy it to the fullest and good luck on the next flights.


Translation Witpen