This Blue Pied Cock GB18F28233 is Lot 1 in our auction of 20 Lots to be sold in Uttoxeter next Saturday 10th November.

He is a perfect cock in every way. As you can see from the image he is a real handsome chap and in the hand he has everything, balance,muscles and of course nice silky feathering.

As most fanciers know, I am not an eye sign fan, however this young cock has rich dark gold/brown,green eyes. I will try to take a clear photo tomorrow for an update.

When you study his pedigree he is the result of many years continuous breeding of performance with more performance to the highest standard with only the very best surviving.

Again most fanciers will know that this is our breeding plan in action. We have no room or patience for the current fashion , we only go for performance. The continued support we get at our auctions from the very best performance fanciers in the country is not only humbling but it also confirms to us that fashions come and go but results are what matters to the serious racing fanciers.

Our auctioneer is Mr Stuart Wilcox and he will arrange commission bids if required .                               His number is 07715166066

GB18F28233 Pedigree