This is lot 21 in our Pigeon Chat Auction 2021 starting 28th October and ending 7th November.

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Auctioneer is Stuart Wilcox who will be happy to take commission bids. Tel:07715 166066


Lot 21. Blue White Flight Hen GB21V38104. (99% Sure a hen)

This is one of the best quality and best bred hens for sale this winter. Direct from FOXY LADY with BLUE SPIDER one of the most promising young talents to enter our breeding loft in the last few years and he is a son of SPIDEY bred by Willem de Bruijn and owned by Luc and Hilde Sioen considered by many experts of the Continental Scene to be the best breeding cock of the last twenty years in Belgium.

FOXY LADY has shown no signs of laying problems or fertility issues, in fact quite the opposite as she is always in top health and condition. We have however decided due to the sheer volume of outstanding in her second, third and now fourth generation to retain everything we now breed from her. We have had standing orders for her direct children from fanciers in the UK and many abroad that have now been honored, so now is the time to secure our own future breeding loft.

We have a full brother to Lot 21 in our Blackpool auction and will take a view in future years when possible one each will be available for our Gouden Duif annual gift or our Stuart Wilcox auction.

Sire of Lot 21 is BLUE SPIDER bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen of Moorslede from SPIDEY bred by Willem de Bruijn their principle breeder and sire of:                                                                                            “CAMERON”                                                                                                                                                                      *1st National Argenton           15,235 b                                                                                                                      *1st National Limoges               9661 b                                                                                                                    *28th National Chateauroux    13,098 b


*1st National Poitiers               14,109 b 13 minutes ahead!                                                                                  (1st fastest 26,486 b)


*2nd National Argenton            15,235 b                                                                                                                   *1st National Zone Chateauroux 1010 b                                                                                                                *2nd Provincial Cleremont           6144 b                                                                                                                       *25th National Argenton           11,823 b                                                                                                             *44th National Bourges            20,284 b                                                                                                                     *68th National Gueret                 5331 b                                                                                                                       *73rd National Bourges            20,397 b


*6th National La Souterraine        9760 b


*15th National Chateauroux        8640 b                                                                                                                  *4th National Zone Vierzon         1160 b                                                                                                                *35th Provincial Pontoise         10,712 b

SPIDEY is principally original Heremans Ceusters bloodlines when they dominated the Antwerp Scene   just after the Millenium… KLEINE BLAUWE…ROSSI…SPINNEKE

Dam of SPIDEY is the super racing and breeding hen TINA winner of:

*23rd National   La Souterraine 11.236 b                                                                                                                *29th National    Poitiers            12.379 b                                                                                                                    *10th Provincial Fontenay             7568 b                                                                                                                 *44th Provincial Bourges              3080 b                                                                                                                *62nd National. Zone Bourges     3085 b

TINA is dam of “Romana”:

*58th National Chateauroux      13.098 b                                                                                                             *61st National  Bourges             19.133 b

“TINA 65”:

*82nd National Bourges             20.284 b                                                                                                                *89th Provincial Pontoise           10.712 b

“TINA 06”:

*12th Provincial Clermont             9439 b

TINA is one of three fantastic sisters at the base of the Sioen colony through the Rik Hermans bloodline of SCHELE van der JAARLING (Brother ATHENA) and SERGIO and MINERVA of Willem de Bruijn.

Dam of Lot 21 is FOXY LADY bred and raced by Price Brothers and Son to win:

*1st Section 897b                                                                                                                                                              2nd Open MNFC Countances 8,984b

*1st Section 745b                                                                                                                                                           2nd Open MNFC Ancensis     5,612b

*1st Section 1,125b                                                                                                                                                         3rd Open MNFC Fourgeres     8,359b                                                                                                                          In only three channel races in her short career !

Her bloodline is well documented and contains nothing but classic National Ace Winners and Olympiade Ace birds.

Lot 21 Pedigree