This is GB16V48922 blue checker hen that is Lot 37 in our Blackpool auction in January. She is a daughter of the great WAR DRUM that can without any doubt be called a top breeder being the sire of 13 first federation winners from 1500 t0 4500 birds in just four years when coupled to four different hens. As you can see from the pedigree and montage he is also bred in the ‘Purple’.

Dam of Lot 37 is SUNDAY GIRL a young hen that very quickly is responsible for winners in Club & Federations, National Section winners and birds to score very early in One Loft Races. She was bred by Jan Hooymans from his renowned Harry when he was coupled to the fantastic Last One a supreme breeding hen from Jan and Rik Hermans base breeding pair Jaarling Dondesteen and Janssen Hen.

Lot 37 is a late bred that was hatched in September and still carries all of her nest flights. She has a strong muscular body with tight vents and nice rich eyes. She has everything required to become a top class breeding hen for the Classics and National races up to 400 miles.

Her nest mate is also a really super type and was selected to breed in Jan and Rik Hermans stock loft to couple to one of their world famous racing hens.