Lot 46. Blue Checker Cock GB20V56392.

SOLOMON (Direct son Jerson of Koopman) x MOONSTONE (Caliph x Dtr Drum & Gerrie) Inbred to the Legendary DRUM!

This is a very special cock. He is quite sensational in every way. He is above medium sized, with a very muscular powerful body, dark orange eyes and nice silky feathering.

Take a look at his pedigree very closely not only at the performances against big competition, you can see he is also inbred to DRUM.

Any fancier who reads the breeding of the current National, Classic and many big race winners will know that the DRUM bloodline are even more potent today as they have  been for almost twenty years. We have been very careful to preserve this golden thread in our breeding loft as we can find very little better and Lot 46 is a stunning example.   

Sire: SOLOMON bred by Gerard Koopman from JERSON:

1st Olympiad Ace Fond, Sloveakia

1st Ace Duif  Afdeling 10 Overall 2012

2nd NPO Orleans 3480 birds

6th NPO Pithiviers 6452 birds

15th NPO Troyes 8079 birds

28th NPO Pithiviers  7749 birds

56th NPO Orleans 4374 birds

86th NPO Troyes 4087 birds

9th Boxtel 9392 birds

10th Boxtel 10,698 birds

11th Quievrain 6223 birds.

JERSON is a son of DAYDREAM 1st NPO Ablis 8,519 birds and she is from MISS MOEKHOEK a full sister of DRUM.

Dam of SOLOMON is MISS MARAKOT 1st Provincial Ravenstein 11,509 birds.

She is bred from GOLDEN DIRK (Kleine Dirk x Golden Lady) paired with ZENDA a full sister of DRUM.

Dam of Lot 46 is MOONSTONE bred from:

CALIPH son of REZA (full brother of DRUM)

1st Chantilly 10,589 birds

1st Peronne 29,332 birds

1st Chantilly 21,892 birds

2nd NPO Chantilly 17,818 birds

Dam of MOONSTONE is a daughter of the key breeding pair DRUM & GERRIE.

Lot 46 pedigree