These are two lots in our Blackpool auction January 20 2018 at the Savoy Hotel. Viewing will take place at 18.30 and the sale will start at 19.45 prompt.

Stuart Wilcox will be conducting our auction and if its of interest to any fancier that can not make the sale he will take commission bids on  07468 620661.

These two lots will be sold In Bis which means the buyer takes their pick and the other one comes back with us.


This cock was bred to concentrate the very best 300 to 600 mile Classic winning genes available in the Sport today. Just read the breeding and results maybe two or three times to see what we are trying to achieve with this cock. One of my earliest mentors in the Sport is Jan Hermans who advised me when I was young ‘We must only use the very best genes available. As many winning genes at the highest level as is possible in a breeding couple. Then we must let the capricious laws of hereditary do the rest’. That is what we have done with Lot 50.


This Checker Pied Cock GB17L4299 is a direct son of two exceptional parents War Drum and Foxy Lady. This young cock has moulted through and medium sized with a muscular body wedge shaped body and soft silky feathers.

Lot 50 In Bis