Here are Lots 23 to 32 of our Blackpool Auction 2017…

Check back soon for remaining lots.


Lot 23. Dark w/f Hen GB16V48799 gb16v48799-lot-23lot-23-pedigree

Lot 24. Dark Hen GB16V48949 gb16v48949-lot-24lot-24-pedigree

Lot 25.Blue Checker Cock GB16V48977 gb16v48977-lot-25lot-25-pedigree

Lot 26. Blue Checker Hen GB16V48939 gb16v48939-lot-26lot-26-pedigree

Lot 27. Dark Pied Cock GB15S98192 gb15s98192-lot-27lot-27-pedigree

Lot 28. Checker w/f Cock GB16V48956gb16v48956-lot-28lot-28-pedigree

Lot 29.Checker w/f Cock GB16V48809gb16v48809-lot-29lot-29-pedigree Lot 30 Red Checker Hen GB16V48980gb16v48980-lot-30lot-30-pedigree

      Lot 31. Dark Hen GB16V49036 gb16v49036-lot-31lot-31-pedigree

Lot 32.Dark w/f Cock GB16V49037gb16v49037-lot-32lot-32-pedigree