Blackpool Auction 2017…  Lots 43 to 52. For further information call the auctioneer

Mr Stuart Wilcox on 07715 166066 or Peter Fox on 01248 355183.


Lot 43.Blue Checker Hen GB16V49018gb16v49018-lot-43lot-43-pedigree

Lot 44.Blue Checker Hen GB15E32608gb15e32608-lot-44lot-44-pedigree

Lot 45.Blue Checker Cock GB16S98163 gb15s98163-lot-45lot-45-pedigree

Lot 46. Blue Cock GB16V48872gb16v48872-lot-46lot-46-pedigree

Lot 47. Blue Hen GB16V48873gb16v48873-lot-47lot-47-pedigree

Lot 48. Blue Checker Hen GB16V48788gb16v48788-lot-48lot-48-pedigree

Lot 49. Blue Checker Cock GB16V48789gb16v48789-lot-49lot-49-pedigree

Lot 50. Blue Hen GB16V48962    gb16v48962-lot-50lot-50-pedigree

Lot 51. Blue Cock GB16V48963gb16v48963-lot-51lot-51-pedigree

Lot 52.Blue Hen GB16V48833gb16v48933-lot-52lot-52-pedigree