LUC & HILDE SIOEN – Fireworks from Chateauroux and La Souterraine


1st & 2nd National Zone Chateauroux

1st & 2nd National Zone old pigeons La Souterraine

2nd & 7th National 4,129 old pigeons

1st & 2nd National Zone yearlings La Souterraine

4th & 5th National 6,116 yearlings


Moorslede, Belgium – Since their restart in the (long) middle-distance races, Luc and Hilde Sioen have already had several spectacular results, with as highlights 1st National Poitiers in both 2013 and 2014!

And this year their pigeons are in top form again, with weekly lead pigeons on the (long) middle-distance races, and with already many top prizes, starting with 1st and 2nd National Zone Chateauroux against 2,208 yearlings.

Zonal winning hen was the 14-118 ‘Roxy’, a hen out of the successful crossing Willem de Bruijn (son ‘Coco’ x ‘Carine’ and nest brother of mother ‘Nomi’, 1st national Poitiers 13,135 pigeons) x Rik Hermans (sister ‘Minerva’, 10-21 – 36th national). ‘Roxy’ is also a full sister of ‘Roxanne’ 12-072: 5th National Zone Chateauroux 4,107 pigeons… 54th National Poitiers 12,379 pigeons… 57th National Poitiers 13,135 pigeons… 16th Provincial Fontenay 4,802 pigeons and more.Sioen-Luc-Hilde_B13-3138081_AlexiaSioen-Luc-Hilde_B13-3138081_Alexia-pedigree



After the 1st and 2nd National Zone against 2,208 yearlings from Chateauroux on 22 June, Luc & Hilde did even better from La Souterraine. After having been in the basket for 4 nights, 10 old pigeons and 10 yearling hens defended the colours of this West-Flemish success formation. They went into the basket while in perfect form, and it seemed sure that they would deliver amazing results. And they did, because at 12.56 three pigeons arrived side by side over the lofts. With a breathtaking final rush, the ‘Alexia’ 081-03, previously already good for the 9th National Poitiers 2014 against 14,094 pigeons, and born out of ‘Appollo Junior’ from Willem de Bruijn x ‘Dochter Propere’ from Rik Hermans, beat her two yearling loft sisters ‘Xiaohi’ 163-14 (also out of ‘Appollo Junior’ now coupled to ‘Natalia’ (out of ‘Explosief’ from Willem de Bruijn x ‘Gipsy’ from Rik Hermans) and ‘Zus Rafaella’ 025-14, out of ‘Explosief’ from Willem de Bruijn (out of ‘Titan’ x ‘Fairytale’) x ‘Gipsy’ from Rik Hermans, out of ‘Broer Athena’ x ‘Zus Starly’ (= daughter ‘Propere’).


Barely 3 minutes later followed super hen ‘Margeaux’ 052-12 (out of ‘Zoon Sven’ from Rik Hermans x ‘Brian’ from Willem de Bruijn), who had previously starred with among others: 43rd National Montlucon 2014 against 14,230 pigeons, 44th National Argenton 2012 against 25,949 pigeons, 97th National La Souterraine 2013 against 11,236 pigeons.

In total, this means that Luc & Hilde Sioen clocked three pigeons within the seven fastest of a total of 10,245 pigeons.

A phenomenal achievement!