Some years ago my old mentor Albert  Tarleton told me that I will know when an old favorite is coming to an end breeding as they will leave you a ‘gift’ in the last nest.

Junior the last son of our Young Couple was indeed one of those favorites with an astonishing breeding record.  Last year in September I paired him to a young inbred Young Couple Hen and bred two in the last nest of the year. Both were beautiful quality and I didn’t realise at the time but these two were probably the ‘Gifts’ as Junior has not filled this season and looks like he is finished. So these two nest mates were the last two.

I attach a simple photo of the cock GB21V38200 ‘Magellan’ and although he still carries seven nest flights , it is clear that the strength of his body, colour and eye has been improved by inbreeding.

Inbreeding is not a thing I would normally dream of, however we are never to old to learn!

Eye Shot ‘Magellan’…

Pedigree of ‘Magellan’ almost all Young Couple’. This will be a great cross for Thomas 6 /Romario bloodlines next season.