This is ‘Major Fox’ bred by Mr Hiroshi Ideura , Tokyo who together with his nest mate won 1st and 3rd places in the NDK Tsukuba One Loft Race , Japan 2018!

They are both bred from Mr Ideura’s excellent breeding cock Kamisori Bomber who is responsible for a  3 or 4 generations of top winners in the biggest races in Japan.

We bred Kamisori Bomber from our top breeding couple Bandit and Moonglow two incredible breeders when paired together or with other mates.

The very best of our principle bloodlines from the last twenty years Drum,Young Couple,Outlaw etc . Bloodlines that are still going strong at the very highest level!  

This pair BANDIT and MOONGLOW really are top class.
In 2011 they bred GB11-129 ‘EMERALD ACE’ winner of
1st Ace Pigeon Emerald Classic One Loft Race against 658 entries with a 17 minute lead
In 2012 they bred GB12-402 AMAZING winner of
*1st Grimbergen 587b (32nd Combine 6233b)
*1st Creil 477b (16th Nat. NPO 25.437b)
*2nd Nijvel 483b (74th Combine 5989b)
*3rd Peronne 227b (68th Combine 3449b)
*4th Grimbergen 344b (83rd Combine 4609b)
*5th Creil 268b (50th Combine 2775b)
*7th Nijvel 400b (28th Combine 4.188b)
In 2013 they bred GB13-636 KING CRIMSON winner of
*1st U.K.304b, 3rd International 4065b Car Race SAMDPR
* 2nd U.K.319b,8th International 4028 birds Training Race SAMDPR .
GB13V28525 ‘Kamisori Bomber’ now breeding very well for his new owner Hiroshi Ideura in Japan. His first youngster was JAPAN14-KA37733 Blue Hen ‘Ururu’ bred by Hiroshi Ideura when he was coupled to the hen JAPAN13-PE06722 bred by Akio Uchiyama Line : ‘Annelies'(Koopman) and ‘De 019′(Gebr.Janssen). She was entered into the Hiroshima International loft which is one of the most prestigious and toughest One Loft Races in Japan in 2014 where she was very consistent in the preliminary training races winning 89th at 50km,64th at 70km .17th from 90km and 10th from 100km all from over 2,500 birds per race. She then won 6th against 1155 birds in the Fukui-Tsuruga race 300km , 35th against 958 birds in the Mikawa race 400km and then 4th against 618 birds in the final race from Kurobe 500km. Ururu won 2nd Ace Pigeon (only on final 3-races)
Bandit and Moonglow bred the dam to ‘Foxy Lady’ the super hen of Price Brothers and Son and winner of *1st Section 987 birds, 2nd Open 8,984 birds MNFC Countances *1st Section 745 birds, 2nd Open 5,612 birds MNFC Acensis *1st Section 1,125 birds, 3rd Open 8,359 birds MNFC Fourges