I received a nice message from John Karnofel of California ( reproduced below) and we offer many congratulations on his top class performance :-
“Peter, I just won the San Diego Classic Triple Crown 300 mile race with three on the drop trapping first. 56 minutes ahead of second drop and only 11 day birds. She was on the first drop at 100 and 20 seconds behind on the 200 miler. 20 seconds cost me $100,000. That’s pigeon racing.                                                                    
The mother KFL-365 to the winning bird contributed 4 points out of 7 points towards us winning the over-all  Breeders Cup Championship. The best of three nominated birds to participate in this competition.
 This is a real highlight of my life in the pigeon world. The bird was out of a granddaughter of your Attila and Miss Itegem. For all results you can look at the web site.
Thank you, John”