This stunning young cock was bred by the famous ‘Dutch Connection’ loft of Jan Hermans and Rob Hoekstra who together have maintained one of the strongest breeding lofts of Marathon bloodlines for over 40 years. The majority of the sports legendary long distance champions have found their way to their lofts sometimes to remain there for  many seasons and sometimes only a very short visit on there way to their new owners mostly in the Far East. Birds like the Smaragds 1 and 11..Super Ben…Invincible Spirit…Beatrix…Joop…Vale Marathon..The 10…and countless others have left their genes in the Dutch Connection breeding lofts.

This young cock ‘Marathon Man’ is typical of the type we all remember of the classical Dutch Long Distance type that excels at 700 mile plus overnight contests.

In fact the world famous Gerard Koopman decided to take up the challenge of this kind of racing in the last few years and has achieved fantastic results that have been well documented winning the Dutch Marathon Champion Loft WHZB of 2016  and also winner of  1st Dutch National Asduif Marathon WHZB/TBOTB 2014 with ‘Leonidas’ bred from ‘Miss Anke’ a direct daughter of Barcelona 85 and Annet therefore a full brother to the father of ‘Marathon Man’..he is also a half brother to ‘Miss Nellie’ mother of ‘Miss Maniwan’ winner of 1st National St.Vincent 25.807 birds …the base of his marathon team once again originates from the golden bloodlines of great friends Hermans Hoekstra…still winning at the very highest level after over 40 years!




with his team being based on these golden genes from his old friends Hermans Hoekstra..