Marcel Wouters ~ 1st & 4th Provincial Gueret against 2337 yearlings

Westmalle, Belgium – Lion King Marcel Wouters… has only just recovered from a winter of celebrating his titles.. 1st Olympiad pigeon Middle-distance and 1st National Ace short middle-distance… and he is already celebrating once more.

The above mentioned titles had been won by his ‘Ad’ (son of the ‘Leeuw’)… now a granddaughter and grandson of the ‘Leeuw’ that take credit for the 1st and 4th Provincial Gueret against 2,337 yearlings, and 6th and 12th National against 14,940 yearlings.

Marcel: “From the start of the season I won many prizes, but not really early enough. Two weeks before Bourges I gave my pigeons Soludox for four days, and straight away it had effect in the Bourges race (4-5-6-7 in St. Job and 38-42-61-62 provincial). Chateauroux and Poitiers were raced with a smaller team and last week, in the race from Montlucon, the victory went again to St. Job (14th provincial and 11/21), only to be repeated with 1st and 4th provincial Gueret against 2,337 pigeons and 16/23.

For that matter, both winning pigeons are grandchildren of the ‘Leeuw’, as well as the pigeon that won 3rd provincial from Gueret for Theo Van Genechten also comes out of one of my hens, out of the ‘Dochter Leeuw’, who is also mother of my 1st from Montlucon. And although it’s a great pity that the ‘Leeuw’ is no longer fertile, I believe that I have a worthy successor in the ‘Ad’. I have two sons from 2012 out of him. One of these wins this year 10 from 10 with 5x per ten percent, but I believe that the other one will do even better and fly 5 from 7 in 2013, with a 7-30-34-50 and 52nd prize against each time almost 2,000 pigeons. Besides, I have my doubts about the new zone racing. I won’t say much about it, most people already know my thoughts about it. I think that the KBDB should also look towards the middle, the fanciers there fall outside the prizes in order to qualify for the national Ace pigeons and championships.

How it will continue? The pigeons that flew from Montlucon and Gueret will have one week rest. With the rest of the pigeons I will look at the weather conditions. The 4th provincial (a cock out of ‘Den Bourges’, a son of the ‘Leeuw’ and father of the 2nd and 7th National Bourges and 3rd Provincial Orleans x a hen from Leon Van den Brandt out of the ‘Donkere 884’ x ‘Dochter Rolex’ (Vercammen) will now stay at home. The hen that flew 1st provincial had previously raced from Bourges-Poitiers-Melun-Gueret.

Medically, everything is still all right, the pigeons have been examined just last week and they were all free from tricho, so I will not do anything. Until 14 days ago, my pigeons exercised twice a day, now only once a day, sometimes for half an hour, sometimes 45 minutes, and sometimes just for 15 minutes. The Gueret winner is a nice, light checkered hen, not too large or too small, average of build. We sat here together with Koen Cop and Patrick Janssens, waiting for the birds to return, but nobody saw the first two pigeons coming before they dropped onto the roof, they were already almost at the back. If my name was Dirk Van Dyck, she would now be in the breeding loft, but I have decided that I will go on racing with her. Only if the weather conditions become very bad, will I be a bit more careful with her. She also flew a good prize from the difficult race from Poitiers, so that is also within her abilities.”