Two of the first children of Di Caprio we introduced in 2008  was MARIO and LITTLE STAR a nest pair when he was coupled to the 005 DOCHTER KANNIBAAL one of the very best ever breeding daughters of Kannibaal. This was the first breeding season after Dirk Van Dyck bought Di Caprio in the Heremans Ceusters Clearance auction and he immediately produced at the highest level for not only Van Dyck but many top fanciers especially around the Antwerp area.

In his first breeding season Di Caprio also bred OLYMPIC NIELS an Olympiade Ace Pigeon that developed into a super breeder that stands the test of time. One of his daughters bred URANUS of Willem de Bruijn and another bred FRIENDSHIP of Rik Hermans, two of the most famous pigeons on the Continent at the moment.

MARIO and LITTLE STAR were both quite incredible for us and others around the UK.

Garry Inkley has a son of MARIO with IVY that bred his SUPER MARIO 1st Section 1536 b ,2nd Open BICC Alencon National 4914 birds and 1st Sect 265 b 3rd Open NFC Cholet 3395 birds.

Just one other brilliant direct son of MARIO was LUIGI bred by us and owned by the Macaloney family and bred their fantastic racing and breeding cock CAESAR. Sadly for us MARIO finished breeding early however we still retain his line.

LITTLE STAR bred until she was 13 years old and we have many direct children still in our breeding loft with various and she hit the breeding BULLS EYE immediately.

It really is imposible to document the generations of winning decsendants and it would be a boring read but as an example one of the first sons (when paired with DRUM) was sold to the German Champions Horst and Frank Sander where he produced their CHAMPION QUATRO a winner of 4 x 1st Provincial as a yearling against approx 3000 birds per race.

Up to date  yesterday I had a message from Dave Atkin from Lincoln reporting Ryan Crampton winning 1st and 2nd Irish Homing Union National Flying Club race from Valentia . Two on the drop with the 2nd National bred from his famous Mysterio lines crossed with a granddaughter of LITTLE COMET a daughter of LITTLE STAR with ATTILA.

On Monday I had a message from Gary Douglas reporting the top North East partnership Baron and Douglas winning 3rd Up North Combine last Saturday from Maidstone against 11,800 birds with one bred from their really exceptional breeding son of MARIO x BELLA.

The offspring of MARIO and LITTLE STAR remain at the  very top of Classic and National racing today, fifteen years after their introduction.