This is an exceptional breeding cock bred by Leo Heremans from his famous pair ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ and ‘Eenoogtje’ ~ The New Dream Couple.

This pair are without any doubt one of the principle breeding pairs on the continent in the last 10 years. Many famous fanciers owe their success to offspring from this couple including Kas Meijers, Stefan Lambrechts, Dirk Van den Bulk.

‘Max’ is the direct sire to winners of 32 top ten prizes in four breeding seasons including 24 top 100 prizes at NPO and Combine level with up to 14,164 entries.

His winning grandchildren across the UK and Ireland are countless!

Some of his direct children won:-
*1st Quievrain 590 b
(1st Fed 2.018 b)
(2nd Combine 5.585 b)

*1st Oudenaarde 313 b
(1st Fed 1.041 b)
(2nd Combine 8.027 b)

*1st Nanteuil 255 b
(3rd Combine 3.627 b)

*1st Quievrain 420 b
(4th Fed 1.596 b)

*1st Fontenay 415 b
( 16th NPO 6.704 b)

*1st Creil 181 b
(67th NPO 9.912 b)

*2nd Asse Zellik 342 b
(9th Combine 3.256 b)

*2nd Peronne 278 b
(11th Combine 2.302 b)

*2nd Quievrain 350 b
(23rd Combine 4.818 b)

*2nd Nanteuil 211 b
(83rd NPO 7.620 b)

*3rd Creil 135 b

*3rd Peronne 304 b

*4th Morlincourt 231 b

*4th Fontenay 226 b

*4th Roye 216 b
(66th NPO 14.164 b)

*4th St Quentin 438 b

*5th Asse Zellik 331 b
(6th Combine 3.098 b)

*5th St Just 155 b
(24th NPO 5.838 b)

*6th Nanteuil 255 b

*6th Quievrain 420 b
(39th Combine 4.270 b)

*7th Creil 246 b
(25th Combine 2.435 b)

His winning grandchildren are countless!

Eye shot of Max…


Many world famous names owe their success to the offspring of the same way bred as Max…The New Dream Couple…