This young hen Maxima bred by Rik Hermans and caught my eye in the advert for the Duif Golden Collection auction in Blackpool last Friday. I was once again reminded by the sheer amount of top National results not only what a great fancier Rik is but also that it is results that matter and everything else is B.S.

So she became my priority to view and once handled she became my priority to  buy and luckily I did. She is absolutely perfect.

She is a little late to pair up right now, so we will have to miss this years racing with her offspring however she was bought with Blue Spider in mind and we will couple them around April as a trial to evaluate the quality. Some late breds with Solomon are also tempting.

I can think of no better way to help the odds than by loading as much winning DNA as possible at the highest level into an individual bird.  The Belgian Nationals and the Dutch NPO races are without doubt amongst the strongest competition in the World.

The trial pedigree below demonstrates adequetly.

This is a trial pedigree for Blue Spider and Maxima. Loading as many winning genes as possible as close as possible in the strongest competition as possible on the pedigree.

Blue Spider one of our current principle breeders. He was bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from ‘ SPIDEY’ one of the best breeders of Belgian National performers in the last two decades.  Maxima was brought into our breeding loft with him in mind.