Above is GB10L40748  ‘Bandit’ sitting his first round of the season on 7th December 2012… 

We really think and hope that this young cock is going to be a good one. He is a full and half brother to quite a few good performers for ourselves and many other fanciers being bred from our ‘Outlaw’ cock when he was paired to ‘Rowen’ a daughter of our ‘Young Couple’.

In his first season we paired him to two hens. First he was paired to a daughter of ‘Hannibal’ and bred a winner in his first nest. Then we paired him to ‘Moonglow’ a super quality direct daughter of ‘Drum’ and he bred ‘Emerald Ace’ a winner of 1st Ace Pigeon in the Emerald Classic One Loft Race in 2011 against over 650 entries and winning easily with 17 minutes to spare. Long races, short races, fast or slow he was always at the top.

In the 2012 young bird season we experienced a ‘horrible’ toss that nearly wiped our entire young bird team out.  One of the survivors was GB12R22402 that scored 7 times in 7 races with 5 very early prizes.

This is what we are looking for…breeders of multiple performance birds in any weather conditions from all distances….