First middle distance race of the season was raced from Melun a distance of around 385 km to Nieuwendijk.

It was a a good working race with a stiff headwind and returns were very spread out. We won the club but our second bird was over four minutes later for second prize and our third arrival was over thirteen minutes later. Once again we had a very good team performance and the birds will be all the better for five to six  hours on the wing.

Club 387 birds…1st,2nd,18th,25th,27th,28th etc

Union de Baronie Combine 2811 birds…10th,22nd

Brabant 2000 Provincial 15,957 birds…40th,100th

Our first bird was once again our super racing hen NL20-1581151 winning her second race of the year so far with now a total of 6 x 1sts in total. She is bred from CESAR a winner of 6 x 1st clubs for us when he was paired with a daughter of ZAPATA (Son Bandit x Moonglow) paired with our top breeding hen SISTER SPHINX. This is hen was bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

1st Melun 387 birds,10th Combine 2811 birds,40th Provincial 15,957 birds.

Our second bird winning 2nd club 387 birds,22nd Combine and 100th Provincial , was a yearling hen containg the very best Hooymans ‘Harry’ bloodlines with the famous Rocket,Mona Lisa and Wolverine of Mike Ganus…

NL-22-2217954 winning 2nd club Melun 387 birds, 22nd  Combine 2811 birds, 100th Provincial 15,957 birds.

Lionel bred by Jan Hooymans from a brother of Harry paired with a daughter of Harry. Lionel is the sire of our secnd bird from Melun this week.

First Lady dam of our second bird from Melun and bred from Rockets Marvel from the top breeding pair Rocket and Mona Lisa coupled with a sister to Wolverine.