Once again we raced from Melun this week a distance of almost 400 km for most club members with an easterly wind direction for the fifth week and again we had a very tesing race with speeds just over 1100 mpm for the leaders.

We have to be pleased once again with our results and Provincially in Brabant 2000 it is the best we can hope for in the easterly winds.

Club 259 birds …2nd,5th,8th,20th,21st,22nd etc

Union de Baronie 1988 birds…18th,45th,63rd

Provincial Brabant 2000 against 10,703 birds…73rd

Our first bird just beaten by less than 1 meter per miniute into second place was our really good hen NL20-1581151  winning scoring for the fourth time this season so far and 6 x 1sts in total. She is bred from CESAR a winner of 6 x 1st clubs for us when he was paired with a daughter of ZAPATA (Son Bandit x Moonglow) paired with our top breeding hen SISTER SPHINX. This is hen was bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

This is a really super race hen winning multiple early prizes and a total of 6 x 1st’s so far in her carreer.

Our second bird was NL00-1608518 a winner this season of 2nd club Bierges against 473 birds in our first race and a previous winner of 4th club, 24th Provincial Niergnies 17,929 birds , 1st Club 463 birds, 14th Combine Nergnies  against 3914 birds and 5th Club 294 birds, 41st Combine Sens against 2305 birds.  He was bred by Jan Hooymans from a cock on loan from us ‘The Golden Witpen’  bred by Peter Embregts. He was coupled to a daughter of Harry that had previously been on loan to our breeding loft from Jan Hooymans and bred our super racer Caesar winner of 7 x 1st prizes. CEASAR is of course the sire to ‘151’ our top racing hen and our first bird this week.

NL20-1608518 our second bird yesterday and a winner of many prizes. We bred hi in a co breed with Jan Hoyymans as we had already bred CEASAR with his mother when she was with us on loan. CEASAR won 6 x 1st prizes himself and is the sire of NL20-1581151 our top racing hen also a winner of 6 x 1st prizes and 2nd prize this week from Melun.

Our third bird was NL20-2009602 another multiple performer direct from ‘Special One’ our best son of Harry. This one is not only a fantastic racer in its own right but is also  is the nest mate to ‘Special Boy’ winner of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon &  6th Dutch National Ace Young Bird in 2020.  Dam is again from our very best bloodlines ‘Junior’ last son of ‘The Young Couple’ with ‘Rhiannon’ the renowned breeder from Full Set and Pink Eyes.

NL20-2009602 another multiple performer and  she is also  is the nest mate to ‘Special Boy’ winner of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon &  6th Dutch National Ace Young Bird in 2020.