*This is Lewis a super performing son of Outlaw and Kirsty (Drum x Gerrie) and  he is the sire of our first bird this week. 


First midfond race of the season took place from Melun Andrezel a distance of around 380 km to Nieuwendijk on Saturday 13th May 2017.

Club 361 birds…3rd,6th,14th,20th

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 1,469 birds…9th,14th,38th

Union de Baronie 3,880 birds…22nd,32nd,94th

First bird was NL14-1168684 a late bred from 2014 and a previous prize winner for us as a yearling and two year old bred from the bloodlines of multiple performers.  His Father is the super race cock ‘Lewis’ (Outlaw x Kirsty) winner of *12th Dutch National Ace Midfond NPO 2012 *9th NPO Sezanne 18.733 birds *45th NPO Creil 14.323 birds *96th NPO Sens 19.395 birds *116th NPO Creil 11.056 birds *167th NPO Pithiviers 11.790 birds *162nd NPO Chateauroux 6.717 birds *1st Sezanne 324 birds (1st Fed 1.296b~6th Combine 4.376b) *1st Creil 293 birds (1st Fed 860b ~ 3rd Comb. 3.511b) *1st Creil 289 birds (4th Fed 1.193b ~ 17th Comb. 4.719b) *1st Creil 281 birds (3rd Fed 1.011b ~ 50th Comb. 1.736b) *2nd Creil 268 birds (8th Fed 834b ~ 27th Comb. 3.320b) *3rd Sens 286 birds (11th Fed 986b ~ 21st Comb. 4.337b) *3rd Creil 261 birds (10th Fed 1.087b ~ 17th Comb. 4.351b) *4th Morlincourt 414 birds (14th Fed 1.637b ~ 50th Comb. 6.767b) *4th Creil 307 birds (8th Fed 938b  ~ 39th Comb. 4.019b) *4th Pithiviers 172 birds (10th Fed 681b ~ 30th Comb.2.592b). Mother of NL14-3432684 is a daughter of ‘Son Johannesburg’ (Johannesburg x Star 300) winner of *1st Sens 447  birds (2nd Fed 1.251 b ~ 6th Combine 4.224 b ~ 10th Nat.NPO 17.292 birds) *1st Orleans 175 birds (2nd Fed 579 b ~ 6th Combine 2.182 b ~ 51st Nat.NPO 9.099 b) *2nd Nijvel 559 birds (2nd Fed 2.054 b ~ 18th Combine 7.213 b) *10th Orleans 214 birds (18th Fed 748 b ~ 42nd Combine 2.832 b ~ 146th Nat.NPO 19.455 b)when he was coupled to a daughter of ‘Super 8’.

Our second bird was NL16-1626900 a steady yearling for us also scoring 63rd Combine last week from almost 5,000 birds, being bred from ‘Special One’ a direct son of Harry of Hooymans when coupled to a daughter of Belofte (Brother Blue Baron) x daughter Top Star.

Third bird was NL16-3627930 that also scored twice for us this season bred from our very good breeding cock ‘Belofte’ the full brother of ‘Blue Baron’ when he was coupled to ‘Angeline’ another top quality Embreghts Theunis hen out of his top couple ‘Warrior Boy’ and ‘Blue Diamond’.

Fourth bird was NL15-1810813 a two year old hen that scored a few weeks ago and as a youngster and yearling for us, being bred from our very promising pair ‘Amulet’ and ‘Sister Sphinx’ .