Each year Cor de Heijde the Dutch marathon champion selects young stock from his principle breeders for his own breeding loft. These are of course the best of the best that he intends to continue producing to the same high standard of performance that he has achieved for the last 25 years.

We were lucky to be able to hand select a few of the offspring from these young pairs for our own breeding loft. ‘Michelle’ is one of them.

Her father is bred from two principle breeders NL03-0334541 ‘Vader Asduif 665’  the father of ‘Asduif 655’ winner of 2nd National Asduif ZLU ~ 55th National Narbonne 3.968 birds ~ 124th National Bordeaux  3.987 birds ~ 131st National Pau 2.706 birds ~ 183rd National Barcelona 7.046 birds when he was coupled with NL07-1838400 ‘Dochter Annet’ the mother of ‘Jonge Don Michel’ winner of 1st National Asduif ZLU Barcelona 2011-13 ~ 94th National Barcelona  7.046 birds ~ 100th National Barcelona 6.392 birds ~ 355th National Barcelona 6.909 birds ~ 17th National Perpignan 4.978 birds ~ 74th National Perpignan  5.607 birds and ‘     Jonge Don Michel sire of ‘Blue Dream’1st National Barcelona hens 1.742 birds (2nd  Nat.5.183 b / 4th Int.Nat 19.089 b) . ‘Dochter Annet’ is a daughter of ‘Annet’ 1st National Barcelona  7.489 birds ~ 2nd International Barcelona  25.835 birds.

Mother of ‘Michelle’ is NL14-1447255 ‘Dochter Don Michel’ a daughter of ‘Don Michel’ winner of 17th National Perpignan 5.479 birds ~ 21st National Perpignan  7.195 birds ~ 39th National Dax 3.755 birds ~ 58th National Dax 5.617 birds ~ 41st International Perpignan 18.426 birds when he was coupled to a daughter of ‘Boomerang’ *1st Olympiad Ace Marathon Nederland 2010 ~ 7th National St.Vincent 11.180 birds ~ 8th National Tarbes  7.487 birds ~ 23rd National Dax  12.128 birds ~ 87th National Montauban 18.668 birds ~ 195th National Tarbes  9.955 birds ~ 361st National Bordeaux  16.408 birds.

Top performers paired to other top performers breeding more top performers…its the only way!