*Camelot another son of Hannibal and also a real handsome chap…

Received a message from Mick Carrick reporting a really great performance in an 
already great season.

"Dear Peter,
Last Saturday flying in Aylesbury United Pigeon Club and Mid Shires Federation, I had
the first six in the club and fed from Lyndurst 38 members sent 624 birds velocities
1230/1229/1227/1227/1226/1226 ypm. Four of the birds were 100% Syndicate Lofts 
bloodlines and two were Syndicate Lofts x Jaap Jongedijk. First bird was from a son 
of Camelot x Tango cross with Jongedijk. Second is from my good Warlord cock x gtr 
Drum. Third is from a son of Mario x gtr Drum. Fourth is from a son of Little Big Man
(Propere 10 x Foxy Lady) x Double Rocket Hen (Dtr War Drum) when paired to a daughter
of Major Tom(Son Granger x Mary Kate) x Aurora (Dtr Drum)' Fifth is from a grandson 
of Caliph paired to daughter of Johannesburg and Maxine. Sixth is a grand daughter 
Sunday Girl x Jaap Jongedijk.
I was 100 yards clear of next pigeon in club , and I sent 28 mostly Syndicate Lofts
pigeons and got 28 when most had big losses.
Thanks Pete, Can't say how good these birds are on hard days.

All the best