Last Tuesday saw the Final of the Hoosier Classic One Loft Race take place from Paris, Tennessee a distance of 351 miles to the home loft.

The race was won by our great friend Frank McLaughlin and partner one of the nicest and most genuine fanciers in the sport. So very well deserved.

Winning 1st Ace Pigeon was Ganus Family Lofts adding to an already remarkable series of results especially this last three or four years.

Winner is Blue Checker white flight Hen GFL18-207 winning a total of $47,364.00 !

Her breeding is as expected the best of the best with her father being a proven full brother of Chris Hebberechts famous Champion.

Her mother ‘Diamond Girl’ was bred by Rik Hermans from his super hen Minerva a really top racer winning  *1st National Asduif Jong Cureghem Centre *10th National Gueret 13.885 birds, (1st Club 474 b
2nd Prov.1.871b , 3rd Nat.Zone 4.675 b), *21st National Argenton 22.422 birds (4th Prov.1.871 b,
5th Nat.Zone 8.440 b) *36th National Argenton 4.123 birds (2nd Prov.645 b ,7th Nat.Zone 1.546 b) .

With Propere 11 a full brother of our top breeder Propere Rik, Minerva bred not only ‘Diamond Girl’ but also a full sister ‘Regina’ 2nd National La Souterraine 16.613 young birds and 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon young birds KBDB !

So ‘Diamond Girl’ in breeding the Hoosier Ace Pigeon joins the growing list of the super successful ‘Propere’ Dynasty one of the best breeders on the continent in recent years.

We ourselves won 1st Ace Pigeon and Car in the Algarve Golden Race 2017 and also 1st UK Ace Pigeon SAMDPR 2017 both from ‘Femke’ a granddaughter of ‘Propere’  and the Rik Hermans superstar 2018 youngster is ‘Chucky’ 4th National Asduif KBDB Kleine Hafo Jonge from the same mother as ‘Femke’ therefore a grandson of Propere! The list goes on….


1st Ace Pigeon Hoosier Classic One Loft Race 2018 winning over $47,000…

Propere one of the greatest breeding cocks in the Pigeon Sport of the recent generation…