Yesterday saw our first race for a few weeks with an entry of 47 youngsters to the NPO race from Morlincourt a distance of 280 km to Nieuwendijk.

The birds came better with no losses and we had two early ones, but are still not on form.

Our first bird for 12th Fed against 1102 birds also winning 29th Combine against 3563 birds and 84th NPO against 14,403 birds is NL13-1351120 bred from performance birds on both sides of his pedigree. His sire is 11-154 winner of 72nd NPO Sezanne against 12,518 bird and he is from 08-225 a good winner for us scoring 31st NPO Creil 12,646 birds and 43rd NPO Sens 16,751 birds. He is from Caliph paired to Chanel the super race hen.

Dam of NL13-1351120 is 07-650 winner of 5th Ace Pigeon in the Combine as a yearling scoring 14 times in 15 races including 17th NPO Salbris 8,079 birds and 18th NPO Montlucon 6,028 birds. She is froma family of National Ace and Olympiade Aces …Super Champion Orlando..Godfather…The King etc

Second bird for 14th Fed 1102 birds,32nd Combine 3563 birds , 103rd NPO 14,403 birds is NL13-1351132 a red one ! Again bred from performance birds on both sides. His father is Son Johannesburg a really great racer including 9th NPO Sens against 17,357 birds. He is a son of Johannesburg (Drum x Doran) paired to Star 300 (Galileo x Emerald).

Dam of 1301351132 is a new yearling hen of the ‘Super Koppel’ of P.Timmer and Sons through the Jos de Ridder lines. They are responsible for 3rd NPO Argenton…6th vs 19,978 birds… 11th vs 14,703 birds…45th vs 15,329 birds.