Yesterday was our fifth race of the season that was flown from Morlincourt a distance of around 280 km to Nieuwendijk.

For the third week in a row and four weeks out of five we once again had a very testing race indeed with slow speeds and erratic arrivals.  This week our own team performed at a much better level scoring a total of 20 prizes from our 30 entries =66% success with a good number of early positions.

Club 408 birds…9th,11th,12th,14th,15th,16th etc

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 1,853 birds…18th,23rd,24th,28th,29th,30th

Union de Baronie 4,947 birds…40th,52nd,53rd,63rd,64th,66th

First bird was our great racing hen NL15-1810846 our winner of 1st Club against 420 entries in the first race of this season. This hen was also the winner of 4th Ace Pigeon Natour Union de Baronie last season with some very consistent results such as 6th Combine Asse Zellik 3,098 birds, 1st club,4th Combine Quievrain against 3,627 birds also scoring from Criel twice earlier in the season having also won as a youngster.

She was bred from MAX from one of our new younger breeders who has now bred seven first prize winners with three different hens. Max was bred by Leo Heremans from his renowned Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogtje (New Dream Couple) that have without doubt been onc of Europe’s principle breeding couples of the last few seasons. All of the direct children we have owned from this couple have bred multiple winners. Dam of NL15-1810846 is BONTJE 191 a young hen bred from our famous breeder HANNIBAL (Son Kannibaal) when he was coupled with a direct daughter of Rik Hermans super hen RANOMI via Stuart Fawcett.

Our second bird was NL14-3432663 a three year old hen that also won 27th Combine last season against 4.494 birds and five times as a yearling old including 42nd National NPO Criel 12,648 birds  and 29th Combine Morlincourt 2.156 birds. She is from ‘Zoon Pikeur’ from Peter van der Merwe with a half sister to ‘Mike’ being a daughter of ‘Sterre’ this time coupled with a grandson of Caliph, Chanel and Super 8 that had won 72nd NPO Sezanne for us against 12.518 birds.

Our third arrival was NL14-1168708 a winner of 39th Combine Quievrain against 4,270 birds in the first race of this season and also winner of 24th NPO St Just 5,838 birds and 83rd NPO Nanteuil 7,620 birds last season as a two year old. As a yearling he won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 14th Combine and 65th NPO against 9,912 birds ,1st Club,1st Fed,4th Combine and 16th NPO against 6.704 birds and 66th NPO Roye 14,164 birds plus 23rd Combine Quivrain 4,818 birds having also scored twice as a youngster. He is bred from ‘Max’ a son of ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ and ‘Eenoog’ (New Dream Couple) of Leo Heremans when paired to ‘Stella’ a daughter of ‘Drum’ x ‘Gerrie’.

Our 4th arrival was NL16-1626900 a yearling scoring for the first time being bred from ‘Special One’ a direct son of Harry of Hooymans when coupled to a daughter of Belofte (Brother Blue Baron) x daughter Top Star.

Fifth bird was NL14-3432644 a winner of 3rd Asse Zellik against 1,506 birds last season also 26th Combine Morlincourt 4.464 birds  and 1st club and fed against 1250 birds and 10th Combine against 4,703 birds from Quievrain as a yearling in addition to 30th Combine Roye 3.398 birds and 35th Combine Quievrain as a youngster against 5,666 birds. She is bred from Belofte another son of Super 8 when coupled with a full sister to our ‘Mike’ 1st Midfond Ace Pigeon in the Union de Baronie in 2013 and is bred from Top Star (Young King x Chanel) x Sterre (Jonge Super Champ Orlando x Dtr King 1st Nat.Ace WHZB 1999) herself a winner of 17th NPO Salbris 8,079 birds and 18th NPO Montlucon 6,028 birds.

Sixth bird was NL14-3430180 bred from Frankel a son of our great Young Couple paired to Stardust a direct daughter of Di Caprio of Dirk Van Dyck.