Yesterday we raced from Morlincourt a distance of qround 28o km to Nieuwendijk.

Could have done better this week as we are a little off the pace however only about 20 seconds so not a massive problem. We are looking forward very much to the NPO races when the distance extends a bit. Our team are coming well so we hope it continues.

Club 421 birds…6th,8th,11th,22nd,29th

Union de Baronie 3471 birds…21st,30th,54th,108th

Provincial Brabant 2000   18,082 birds…201st,247th…

We must once again offer sincere congratulations to our friend Peter Embreghts Theunis with yet another fantatsic result scoring 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th against more than 18,000 birds!

Our first bird was once again Blue hen NL00-1581151 winning 6th Club 421 birds, 21st Combine 3471 birds and 201st Provincial 18,082 birds after winning  last week from Niergnies 1st Club 431  birds, 9th Combine 3417 birds and 96th Provincial 18,456 birds.

She is bred from CESAR a winner of 6 x 1st clubs for us when he was paired with a daughter of ZAPATA (Son Bandit x Moonglow) paired with our top breeding hen SISTER SPHINX. This is hen was bred by Rik Hermans and a top breeding hen for us and many others with her  offspring into the third and fourth generation.

Our first  arrival once again this week and previous winner of:                                                                                  *1st Club 431  birds, 9th Combine 3417 birds and 96th Provincial 18,456 birds 
*1st Quievrain 486 birds,3rd Combine 4430 birds,3rd Provincial 9778 birds
*1st Niergnies 400 birds,2nd Combine 2722 birds & 15th Provincial 13,130 birds
*1st Chadeaudun 131 birds, 10th Combine 1333 birds , 56th National NPO 6277 birds
*2nd Melun 115 birds, 33rd Combine 1102 birds
*3rd Sens 317 birds, 17th Combine 2162 birds
*6th Peronne 428 birds, 41st Combine 4008 birds


Our second bird was NL20-2009611 a super racing cock, also winning  from Niergnies last season winning 1st club 414 birds,6th Combine 3789 birds and 6th Provincial 17,929 birds. Also last season winning 1st Bierges against 408 birds and was our third bird from Quievrain 7th club against 486 birds. He is a previous winner of many prizes as a young bird and yearling including 1st club, 2nd Combine and 14th NPO against 10,003 birds from Sens…

He is a son of the super cock Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry one of the very best breeding son from him being responsible for more than 20 x 1st prize winners just for our own team and many big winners into the third generation for many fanciers.

His dam is also very special indeed being a gift bird from the fantastic de Hoogh family from Oosterhout with a golden bloodline full of the very best classic winning DNA of the pigeon sport…via Mister Surhuizum and Diamonds Girl of Peter Veenstra…De Kennes Duivin of Harry Kennes…De Lichte Bourges of Dirk van Dyck…and the 666 of Henk Mellis.

Our second bird yesterday and a really good racer winning very many early prizes in the last few seasons…


Our third bird was NL22-8535728 very promising yearling being a previous winner of 1st Niergnies 460 birds last season bred from BIG BOSS the good breeding son of our PORTUGAL PAIR with SILVER SPOON (Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island) and they also bred our 1st Quivrain 477 birds, 3rd Combine 3318 birds.